Five Favorite Pins

Hi there!  Happy Saturday!

This week I posted about my goals for our house for 2015, and one of those goals is to makeover our stairway.

For inspiration, I’ve been searching for stairwells that fit the image in my brain.

Since it’s Friday Saturday, it’s time to share my favorite pins.  Which means I’m kinda sharing the inside of my brain with you today.

Really.  It’s not as gross as it sounds.


favorite pins friday


I’m simply in LOVE with the contrast of this black stairwell and moulding and the white walls.




It’s the same look we’ve got goin’ on with our fireplace.


Add the black ceiling and I’m seriously swooning.

Not sure about the zebra though.





Here’s a stairwell almost identical to ours, with a beautiful black finish.  Love.



Whew, just sharing pins about all. that. painting. makes me tired.  Let’s change the subject.

I would love something like this for our patio this year.  Maybe if the engineer starts now he’ll be done measuring by spring.  ;)



And since everything should end with oreos, THIS.



Is your mouth watering yet?

Have a great weekend, and be sure it ends with dessert!

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