How To Touch Up Textured Ceiling Paint

Hi guys!  Thank you so much for visiting REinvented.  Today I’m sharing a solution to a common problem for us “instant gratification” types.  You see, I LOVE to paint.  But I HATE prep work.  Taping, sanding, cleaning…ugh.  I’ve become skilled enough with an angled paint brush to render tape unnecessary, but…ceilings are my nemesis.  I use my angled brush to paint the where the wall and ceiling meet, and that usually goes pretty well.  The problem arises when I’m enthusiastically rolling on the new “perfect” color, and the roller “kisses” the ceiling.  I have a problem, and I needed to know how to touch up textured ceiling paint.


I found a great solution, and I’m excited to share it with you!

Does your ceiling look like this too?  Thank goodness there’s a quick fix.  Click through for my how to touch up textured ceiling paint solution.


Learn How To Touch Up Textured Ceiling Paint in just a few minutes. Fix water stains and paint drips quickly and easily!

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13 thoughts on “How To Touch Up Textured Ceiling Paint

    1. Can you tell me what was used to make that design? I believe I have the same ceiling and I had water damage in one spot that had to be cut out so now I’m looking for what I can use to make that design to keep from having to scrape the while ceiling

      1. Hi Tracie, I don’t know what is actually used to make that design, I know that dry wall finishers have a tool they use. Maybe ask someone that does drywall? Good luck!

      2. Tracie,
        Our drywaller told us that texture is made by drywall compound thinned to their preference and applied with what looks like a flattened broom head. in our area builder’s typically only finish the ceiling with this and do not paint, but some do.

        1. Thanks for sharing Marcia! I don’t actually know if our ceilings are finished with drywall compound or paint, but the Upshot primer works to cover stains and paint “oops’s” very well.

  1. Thanks for the tip! i would have never thought of that. A drywall professional told me that texture is achieved with compound only in this area (on builder spec houses), no paint. so touch up should be with thinned drywall compound. BUT, i found that not to be the most effective method for me, so my next whoops I will do this.

  2. I’ve tried to touch up spots like this with white paint but the white paint is brighter than the white of the ceiling and the difference in colors is still noticeable. Does this spray on stuff seem to match the color of the ceiling? Thanks!

    1. This paint looks a little brighter/whiter at first, but after it dries it blends right in. Hope that helps!

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