Five Favorites on Friday-Trash to Treasure

Hello my friends!

Did you know that garage sale and flea market season is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER?

Okay, it might be around many corners, but a girl can dream, right?

To celebrate my own version of reality, I’m sharing some fabulous trash to treasure ideas today.  Amazing stuff you can make from other people’s trash.

5 favorites

Since we’re dreaming about spring, how about these cool wind chimes?  Perfect for a colorful, electic patio.





I’m loving the graphic cool of this drawer pull art.



Snatch up some old loaf pans this spring and let the magic happen!



Make your own milk glass from the plethora of glassware in your neighbor’s garage.



My friend Karianne has some great advice about white dishes.  Turns out one can never have enough, so we had better start making some…

Transform your own old soup cans into vases to hold ALL THOSE spring flowers that are going to burst into bloom any minute now.



What will you be looking for this year?

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3 thoughts on “Five Favorites on Friday-Trash to Treasure

  1. love each and every one … do you promise spring is close at this time of the year i think it isn’t ever going to be hear xx

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