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Hey guys!

Thank you so much for visiting.  Reinvented is coming to you LIVE today from sunny Florida.  I am here for a few days on a girls’ trip.  Currently it is 64 degrees and sunny, and such a lovely break from the snow and ice in Ohio.

So…let’s talk about dining room decor, shall we?  One of my home goals for 2015 is to lighten and brighten and casualize (yes, that’s a word, at least in my universe) our dining room.

I’ve chosen a wall color, Linen White by Benjamin Moore, one of my favorite paint colors, and have updated the old Tuscan style chandy.

With the exception of the chandelier, all of my plans are still locked up in my cute little head, so I thought I’d share some of the dining rooms I’ve used for inspiration.

Aren’t you glad we live in the “internet age” where we can drool over other people’s rooms from our own couches, and choose bits to incorporate in our own decor?

First up is Shayna’s dining room at The Woodgrain Cottage.  Those shelves are to. die. for. and I love her farmhouse style.





Here’s another light and bright beauty from Rooms for Rent.  Love the plates on the wall and the chalkboard.




But you know me, I need a little more color.

Ahh, here we go.  Casual and fun.  Typography on the walls.  AND turquoise.  Perfect.  From The DIY Mommy.

I seriously heart that fabric.





Love this photo of Liz Marie’s dining room too.  If I can’t talk the engineer into shelves like Shayna’s (he has a thing about holes in the walls, geesh…) some sort of shelving unit like this would be beautiful. But then I’d have to buy prettier dishes…




Uh oh.

Seriously, though, I’d like the room to have more functionality than just as a meal space.  I’d like to work here some of the time, play games some of the time, and eat.  We’re definitely not formal, and this is the only space large enough for all six of us to sit down together to eat and still leave room for the dog to sit and beg from anyone he chooses.  (the winky face goes here)

If you use your dining room for a multipurpose room, I’d love to hear your ideas!  Share in the comments!

Check out my DIY dining room buffet inspiration here.

Check out our solution to dining room storage in a small space here.

Have an awesome day!


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5 thoughts on “Inspiring Dining Room Decor

  1. shayna’s dining room is to die for i agree and you lucky dog in florida, i grew up in the sarasota area i don’t miss the heat but i do miss the warm in the winter xx

  2. I love all the dinning rooms that mentioned in the post and yes I was also agree that dinning room was not a place where all family members come for their meal but also it is a place where we can talk about lot of things , play indoor games and doing lot of things.I have personally love colorful dinning rooms.

  3. i don’t have a dining room, since i’ve turned it into my studio. i am an artist, painting watercolors, colored pencil and pen and ink drawings. so, our kitchen table is it. i found a great breakfast table already painted a glossy cream color and decoupaged the top and apron with paper napkins of red, orange and gold japanese flower lanterns. painted the legs a soft green to coordinate with the green in the napkins and added highlighted of soft gold. hopefully this will be brought in sometime this week. it’s in the 30’s now and wind blowing. btw, my ceiling is semi-gloss brick red with sage walls and cream trim. have had the red for 15 years and still not tired of it. so go ahead and make it as colorful as you can. i’m sure you will love it every day. peppi

    1. Thanks Peppi! Your table sounds gorgeous, I hope that you are enjoying it! That red ceiling sounds fabulous, one of these days I’m going to scrape off our textured ceilings so that I can use a fun color up there. :) Have a great day!

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