What I Learned About My Vocation From One Hundred Seminarians

Hi friends.

Usually on Sundays I share “free advice”, a fun or inspiring quote about decorating.

I do have one of those inspiring quotes, but today it means something different to me.




Remember yesterday, when I mentioned that I was going to Mass “with the Bishop?”

Well, I almost didn’t go.  When I received the text message invite from a good friend, my first thought was “No, that is not on my list of things to do today, and if I go I won’t get as much done.”

As soon as I finished thinking that thought, the Holy Spirit started his work.  And man, He’s good.  I felt the whispers in my heart that I needed to go and that there would be a message there meant just for me.

So I went.  And Oh my goodness.

The Mass was held at the Pontifical College Josephinum here in Columbus, where, as I mentioned, this good friend’s son is a seminarian.  Being in that environment, full of young men who have totally immersed themselves in their chosen vocation and their faith really spoke to me.  They have heard the voice of God, calling them to service, and they have LISTENED.

The Bishop spoke about each of us finding our vocation, and his belief that unless we discern God’s will for our lives, and live that out fully, we’ll never be truly happy.

My vocation is that of a wife and mother.  But I have not totally immersed myself.  In fact, I spend a lot of time feeling like my vocation is in the way of what I really want to be.

A decorator.  A writer.  An entrepreneur.

Not a dish washer.  Not a dog hair vacuumer.  Not a homework helper.

I’ve wondered, “what if a life as wife and mother is all there is?”

I had lost sight of the fact that loving God and others as He has loved us is the whole reason we’re all here.

It is “all there is.”  And it’s everything we need.  It’s everything those one hundred seminarians need.  And it’s everything I need.

My reason for being on this earth is to do the best job I can using my talents to serve others.

And yes, that might mean washing dishes.  And painting my fireplace the perfect shade of gray.  It also means chocolate chip cookies, clean toilets, and kind words.  It means unconditional love for my husband, even when he drives me crazy.  (insert winky face here)  And it means teaching my children math facts, and state capitals, and how to discern their own vocations.

I still believe that one of the talents I’m meant to share is to “make everything around me beautiful.”

But after this weekend, I’ll remember that beauty comes first from the living of one’s vocation fully immersed,  listening to the voice of God, and serving others.  Spray paint, throw pillows and the perfect shade of gray paint come second.

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