Painting Large Spaces With Small Time

Hi friends!

Other than a lingering cough, I am feeling better.  SO…I started a new project last night, one of my  our home goals for this year, painting our foyer/first floor halls/two story stairwell/second floor halls.

As excited as I am about lightening and brightening this dark space, it’s exhausting just thinking about all. that. painting.

And it’s not a job I can complete in one sitting/standing/reaching/squatting…

Now my muscles hurt too.

I thought I’d share my “strategy” for painting large spaces in small snippets of time.

First, make sure to paint swatches around the space to make sure that the color you have chosen is the right one.  The last thing you want is to paint this whole dang space and hate the color.  Not that that’s ever happened to me…

painting a foyer

Sorry for the Iphone pics.  I REALLY need spring to come.

Or at least the sun to shine until 8pm, that would help.

I chose BM’s Linen White, color matched in Home Depot’s paint and primer in one.  A creamy white with a touch of a yellow undertone, it’s one of my favorite paint colors, and the wall color of our family room also.

painting a foyer 2


If you have visitors during the “swatch phase”, tell them you’re experimenting with a new concept in abstract art. Ha.

Next step?  Paint one wall at a time, and clean up when  you’re done.  This will prevent the “my house is a mess for two weeks cuz this painting project is SO BIG” syndrome.  You’ll feel better, I promise.

If you have visitors during the “one wall at a time phase”, tell them you’re experimenting with accent walls.

Even though I heard those were so 2012.

Finally, don’t stress.  People who take their homes too seriously are such a drag.

Have fun with the process.

Encounter a piece of wall art so tightly screwed to the wall that you’re afraid to unscrew it?

Just wiggle your paint brush in all of the spaces, and tell yourself you’re experimenting with a new metal aging technique.


painting a foyer 3


This is going to look AMAZING when I am done, you just wait.  (wink)

Have a great day!!

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