I Can’t Resist Striped Walls

Friends, it’s time I admit something.

I’m a little fickle when it comes to decorating.

Wow, that got the ‘ole monkey off my back.  A tiny striped monkey.

I’m thinking about changing up my powder room AGAIN.

I think that my powder room is the most made over room in the house.  The engineer may actually be right when he says that our home’s square footage has decreased over time due to excessive coats of paint.

Excessive is his word, not mine.

Anywhoo…the last powder room makeover involved these map “prints” I made by decoupaging map paper from Papersource on to canvases.


map wall art

They didn’t turn out so well, the paper is wrinkly and bubbly, and the glaze I used to age the canvas is uneven because of the glue.  A decorating fail.

We all have them.  I consider it a virtue to be able to admit that I failed and re-re-decorate.  LOL.

Truth is I just. can’t. resist. striped walls.

I would LOVE to add some horizontal Cracked Pepper stripes to this wall.  The wall color is China Doll by Sherwin Williams, a favorite, and the same color as our den.

I found some internet friends who love stripes too, and executed them so successfully that I want to copy.

This mudroom wall from Decorchick is exactly what I picture in my mind.





Loving this black and white beauty too.




And THIS is just yummy.



I’m kind of obsessed.  And, of course, I’ve convinced myself that if I paint the stipes I will NEVER want to redo the powder room again.

There might be one or five people here that don’t trust me on that one.  Humph.

What do you think about striped walls?

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5 thoughts on “I Can’t Resist Striped Walls

  1. I love the way they look but the OCD girl in me is curling up in a little ball at the thought if getting all the stripes perfectly straight!! That office wall is kicking though!

    1. Jenny,
      I’m a little worried about that too! If I can’t get my engineer husband to help me, he’ll take care of those details. :)

  2. humph got that monkey off your back huh…well this monkey says redo all you want… remind hubs that excessive paint also adds insulation and cuts down on heating and cooling lmbo xx

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