Spring Cleaning With Bissell And A Giveaway!

Hello friends and reinventors!

I have a question for you:  Do you “spring clean”?

Who invented spring cleaning anyway?  #ithinkitwasmygrandmother

I’m usually so busy cleaning up after kids, dogs, and my own DIY messes that thorough cleaning happens in mad spurts rather than planned seasonal sessions.

You know, house gets dirty, mom gets mad, mom uses angry energy to deep clean something.


Mom paints/rearranges/redecorates something and that process creates dirt so mom cleans it.

My most recent cleaning frenzy was a product of both of those phenomena.

Over the weekend, we finally finished the HUGE foyer/stairwell/many hallways painting project.  Wow, that was a tough one.  It took FOREVER.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a clean slate, though, am I right?

(a poor photo of a clean slate leaves a little to be desired.  sorry for the poor light and Iphone quality)




I spent a LOT of time sitting on those stairs painting.  And standing on those stairs painting.  And cleaning the baseboards so that the dust and dog hair didn’t gum up my paint brush.  And noticing how dirty the carpet was.


After the painting was done, I had a cleaning spurt.  With my new friend, Bissell Deep Clean Formula with Febreeze (click on links for more information).  And My Bissell upright carpet cleaner, pretty much my favorite cleaning purchase EVER.





I am seriously in LOVE with this Febreze Formula.  The carpet is clean, and it smells clean.



The dog hair, the dog smell, months of tracked in winter dirt, and even a couple of tiny paint mishaps are gone.  And with Scotchguard protection, the carpet will stay cleaner, leaving me more time for decorating!  And more paint mishaps!

This cleaning spurt was so successful, I may do more spring cleaning with Bissell.

It’s a good thing they have this handy dandy checklist cuz I’m new at this.




And now I have bright and beautiful and BLANK walls to re-decorate!

Okay, okay, back to the cleaning for a minute.  Would you like to win a Bissell Deep Clean Lift Off Carpet Cleaner and a bottle of Bissell Professional Deep Cleaning with Febreze formula and wash out winter and DIY messes at YOUR house?

Visit Bissell to learn more about the cleaners and Scotchguard and Febreze formulas!

Leave a comment here on this post with your favorite spring cleaning tip, and you’ll be entered to win!


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15 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning With Bissell And A Giveaway!

  1. Spring cleaning can get a little overwhelming at times but I have found that if I focus on organizing and cleaning one room at a time I tend to enjoy the job better. It helps to see progress so I can keep going. Would love to win this product for my home! hoss311@aol.com

  2. Best tip: Start from the top down! Clean ceiling molding first, then walls, etc. That way any debris falls to the floor…the last thing to do is vacuum it up!

  3. My favorite spring cleaning tip? Hit the cupboards! Old medication, old sunblock, old stuff I can no longer name. It all goes in the spring!

  4. I break my spring cleaning down into manageable daily tasks, and I put them all in my “errands” app on my iPhone. Each day, a new task pops up… and I love the satisfaction of checking off that item when I get it done.

  5. That’s pretty cool! My favorite spring cleaning tip is to HIRE SOMEONE ELSE to take care of the really nasty jobs you hate to do.

    Okay, seriously though, I suggest using a really soft paint brush for getting into all the ‘nooks and crannies’ of furniture.
    Jann Schott recently posted…Challenge Accepted!My Profile

  6. I think doing spring cleaning in little chunks is my best tip. That way you don’t get burnt out on the first day and just give up on it! I did not know Bissell had a Febreze scent! I need to pick that up for my machine!

  7. My best cleaning tip is to mix dawn dish soap with vinegar and you have a great cleaning duo! :)

  8. I like to make a master list and then break down each room. Nothing like checking off a task when it is done! :)

  9. Open the windows and air out all the house. Sweep, dust, vacuum and wash all the linens. That kick starts the spring cleaning in my home.

    Diana C

  10. I am a cleaner at Carpet Ceaning Twickenham and I love cleaning with Bissell! I recommend it to everybody who is looking for a good carpet cleaner! My tip is : make a cleaning checklist or a schedule that includes cleaning the windows, the blinds, under the bed and behind the sofa. Then play some nice music and start with a smile. The cleaning always goes better when you are in a good mood! :)

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