Introducing Perspective 27, and a Giveaway

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Today I’m excited to introduce to you a little piece of our family’s heart, Perspective 27.






The original concept for what became Perspective 27 was born in the engineer’s heart.   The first renderings of the symbol above made it to paper about a year ago.

The first diamond represents our birth, and the “crooked” line represents life and it’s ups and downs.  The second diamond represents our death and the final arrow eternity.  The Perspective 27 arrow is a good reminder that no matter how crooked our life is, the path to eternity with God is straight.

P27 graphic


Thankfully he shared the stirrings in his heart, and our oldest daughter, Megan, was quickly on board.


Megan Boes Perspective 27



Megan, her younger sister Rachel, and her youngest brother (he wants to be called The Genius (insert winky face here)),  felt strongly that the symbol was an amazing representation of our family creed and favorite Bible verse, John 14:27.


Perspective 27 verse


That’s where the 27 in Perspective 27 comes from.  (smile)

Megan, Rachel, and “the Genius” decided that the “peace arrow”, as we’ve come to call it, could help spread the peace that only comes from God to those that need it.

With hearts full of love and NO FEAR of failure, they started their own company, and Perspective 27 was in business.

They commissioned the symbol cast in sterling silver on a sterling silver chain (all made in the USA); those are now offered on the Perspective 27 website, and we’d LOVE to give one to one of you!
Perspective 27 pendant


In Megan’s words:  “Perspective 27 is a company that wants to redirect, refocus, and refine the perspective of the world.  In a world of worry, we look to bring hope, and reminders of that hope.  Our products each have a message meant to give new perspective and to serve as a reminder of that.”

For Christmas, the engineer had a P27 symbol laser cut for me and we hung it on the large wall above our couch.  I’m thinking these will be available for sale soon.

(sorry for the terrible Iphone pic)


perspective 27 wall art



To win your peace arrow necklace, please leave a comment on this post, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you so much for visiting!  Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

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17 thoughts on “Introducing Perspective 27, and a Giveaway

  1. Wonderful design and message! Love that Megan an the genius are working together on this business! Best of luck! :)

  2. Wow. I saw Megan’s post on Instagram and just had to check out all the websites and info about Perspective27. This is amazing! I especially love the verse this is all based on…I hope this company goes big!

  3. this is amazing. After reading the Chan’s “You and Me Forever”, I have been wrestling with how to daily walk with an eternal perspective and an earth heart for those around me. Will these be available for purchase? Everyone in my life needs one!

  4. Wow, I love this! And what a sweet reminder in the John 14:27 Scripture.

    I truly needed this Scripture today, as our family is going through some difficulties and today we all chose to take our focus off of the ONE , the only ONE that can give truly embrace us and give us peace in the midst of our testing.

    Thank you so very much for sharing the Scripture and Perspective 27 Peace Arrow. If I win the giveaway, I will be wearing this necklace every day!

    Blessings my sister!
    Yolanda@DelightsOfTheHeart recently posted…THE POWER TO CHANGEMy Profile

  5. I absolutely love the design and the story behind it and this new business! After hearing Megan talk about it so much, I’m so excited to finally see the real thing!! Love love love!!

  6. Wow Kimm, this is great!! I love the symbol! Simple and straight to the point. Spreading God’s word is what we are called to do and Megan and The Genius found a great way to do that!

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