Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Hi friends!

If you are a little bit creative, and a child at heart, AND a last minute shopper like me…

then you’ll love this little last minute Mother’s Day gift idea I have for you today.

Have you seen these ink drawing “coloring books” for adults?


last minute mother's day gift idea 2


I happened to notice one in a gift shop a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t buy one at the time, but researched them later, and oh. my. goodness.

It turns out there is this entire coloring book galaxy far far away that I knew nothing about.

And now, of course, they are crazy popular.

I like to think I had something to do with that. {wink}

Trend setter.  That’s me.

So anyway.  I bought two from Amazon.

This one, for when I’m feeling flowery.


last minute mother's day gift idea



And this one for my modern moods.


mother's day gift idea 1



Four about $10-12 each, these books would be a great gift for your creative mom.  Add a set of nice colored pencils and she can spend Mother’s Day relaxing and creating.  At. the. same. time.

OR, buy a coloring book for yourself, color a page for your mom, then put it in a nice frame, and give her art for Mother’s Day.

This is not your three year old artwork, my friends.

Here’s a shot of the inside of the flowery book.


last minute mother's day gift idea 5



And a page I already started.


last minute mother's day gift idea 6



If your mama has more modern taste, here’s a sample from the geometric patterns book.


last minute mother's day gift idea 4



Here are the links if you’d like to purchase these books.  (they are affiliate links, so if you purchase through these links, your price will not change, but I will receive a small commission to help support Reinvented. thanks.)




If you are a member of Amazon Prime, these awesome gift can be in your hands in TWO days.   Perfect for procrastinating daughters.


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