DIY Patio Lights

Hi friends!

How was your weekend?  The engineer and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary this weekend, and it was awesome.  Last night we went out for dinner at one of our favorite downtown Columbus spots and today he and the boys (our girls left for a church mission trip today) made dinner.

I also got a present.  Eeek!




Brad nailers are the traditional gift for 24 years, aren’t they?

Well..if they’re not, they should be.

We’ve celebrated a few milestones this summer.  Besides our anniversary, there was child #2’s high school graduation, and child #3’s sweet sixteenth birthday.

To catch you up





Oh how I love them.

So anyway, we hosted a small but loud gathering of teenagers to celebrate #3’s birthday a few weeks ago, complete with a volleyball net, a trampoline and LOTS of swedish fish.

The party was in our backyard, which is small.  and dark.  at night, I mean.  Cuz we have no lights.

Or had no lights…

The engineer and the genius (child #4’s preferred nickname) devised a plan for some DIY patio lights to light up the night.

They bought 4 galvanized metal trash cans, 4 ten foot galvanized pipes, and 8 bags of Quickcrete from Home Depot.

The pipes were “cemented” in to the center of each trash can with the Quickcrete, using 2 bags for each can.

Once the concrete hardened, we hung Christmas lights from each pole with a small clamp and plugged them in.



DIY patio lights 2


And another view.

DIY patio lights 3


The lights were strung from corner to corner.


DIY patio lights



So. many. teenagers.

We’ve enjoyed these twinkly lights so much, they’re still up!


Have a great week!




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6 thoughts on “DIY Patio Lights

  1. I bought my Ryobi cordless nailer for myself a couple of months ago (on sale at Home Depot)…don’t know how I’ve lived without one for so long. Absolutely love it!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Our only issue has been that the trash cans are filling with water from all of the rain we’ve had! To solve that we removed the handles from the trash can lids and drilled a hole large enough for the pole to fit, then threaded the lids over the poles. problem solved! :)

    1. HI Jemma, thanks for visiting! We don’t use our patio in the winter since it is so cold here, but I”m sure that the outdoor heater is a great start. Maybe some outdoor pillows and some fleece blankets? I love the idea of a hot chocolate bar, if you have a small bar type table, or you could build one. Have fun with it!

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