Easy Kitchen Updates

Hi friends!

Did you have a wonderful weekend?  My son graduated from high school on Saturday, so, naturally, I’m physically and emotionally exhausted.  (wink)

And extremely proud.  I actually only went through a few Kleenex.

So…since there are so many of you new peeps around here (and THANKS for that!), I thought it would be fun today to take a nostalgic look back at last June and revisit some fun projects.

And I must admit, they must be good projects, cuz I actually haven’t changed any of them.  ha.

They are all easy kitchen updates that have stood the test of time, and in my house, that’s sayin’ something.

Click on the photos for more details and the how to’s.

First up, my chalkboard kitchen wall.  I still love it.  The kids still doodle on it.  The dogs lick the chalk.  Winner.


painted chalkboard wall



Next is the quickest, easiest and cheapest update ever.  Our kitchen chandy started as old world Tuscan, and was transformed to tarnished copper with a few swipes of paint.


DIY Painted Chandelier



Last but not least, a favorite project from 2014 involved a few thrift store glass vases, and a little spray paint.


quick and easy shelf decor


This was kind of fun!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Let me know if you’ve tried any of these easy decorating ideas!  Cuz, you know, I’m all about the easy…

I mean, um…not that kind of easy…


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