One Thing You Don’t Know About Me

Hi friends!

I’ve been reading a few blogger posts lately titled “25 things you don’t know about me”.

I thought about writing a similar post, but, honestly, there aren’t 25 things about me that are interesting enough to read about, and I sure don’t want to bore you people, I like you.  ;)

So… you guys know how much I love to “reinvent” stuff, turn trash in to treasure, bring nasty furniture to life with paint…DIY stuff…

Well for some crazy reason I haven’t yet figured out, I’m going to share a different kind of DIY with you today.

I like to call it “Kimm DIY.”  Or Kimm, “reinvented.”

And it has to do with one thing you don’t know about me.

Here’s the story:  I have struggled with my weight since I started getting pregnant.  My first pregnancy ended with a miscarriage, and I drowned my sorrows in food.  I had our first child soon after that, then another miscarriage, and then three more kids.  With each successful pregnancy I happily gained 38 pounds, eating whatever I wanted, just as I had been able to do throughout my childhood and teenage years.

But after each pregnancy, less of the weight was lost, and after my 4th…well, let’s just say I still have “baby weight” and my “baby” is 13.

(If you just clicked over to my about me page and looked at my photo, that was taken in 2009, about 30 pounds ago.  Yikes.)

I have a sweet tooth, a pizza tooth, and a bread and butter tooth.  I’ve tried many diet plans, lost weight, and then fell hard off the wagon over a piece of cheesecake/french bread/chocolate.

Now, at 47 years young, I’ve finally realized that even though I am VERY self conscious about my weight, and worry constantly about people thinking I’m fat, the best reason to lose my extra pounds and get healthier is for myself and my family.  I feel lousy, don’t have any energy, and avoid social situations because I’m so self conscious.  I’m really not that fun to be around.

I’ve recently joined Weight Watchers (this is not a sponsored post, they have no idea who I am) because I think that theirs is a practical, and reasonable plan that I can stick with.  I would love it if all of you would be my “accountability partners” and virtually (like via the internet) kick me in the but when I need it.  :)

If any of you would like to join me, I would LOVE that.  Please let me know in the comments, or e-mail me at reinventedkb{at}gmail{dot}com

I also thought I’d share yummy plan friendly recipes when I find them.  I know this is a little “off the beaten path” for Reinvented, so I’d love to know what you think about that, maybe once a week?

Like tonight’s dinner.  It was really yummy, and the engineer and sons even liked it.  (the girls are still on a church mission trip).

We had Bacon and Cheese Turkey Burgers, and I found the recipe on the WW site, here.  With a low cal bun or english muffin, this totally yummy burger is 9 points.




Anywhoo, I’m glad we had this talk.  And in case you are wondering, I’ve lost 2 pounds so far.  :)

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4 thoughts on “One Thing You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I can relate 100% to what you’re saying and have wanted to write the same post for my blog so many times. I am going to be 47 this year and have 2 kids. I’ve struggled with my weight and have been so unhappy with myself too. Just like you I avoided social situations, had zero energy and just felt awful. I NEVER let anyone take my picture and felt self conscious all the time.
    Back in February, my hubby and I joined a gym, started eating healthy and keeping a food diary. I do not enjoy working out at all but it has made a huge difference! So far I’ve lost 28 pounds, have more energy and feel better about myself than I have in years! I still struggle and have bad days but I know that what I’m doing is best for me and my health.
    Kuddos to you for making life changes and good luck on your getting healthy journey!!

  2. Kimm, that is so great! Congrats on your 2 pounds! :) I am going to be 42 this year, and a couple of years ago, I decided that (with help from my new smarphone) I could take off a few pounds. I mean, my DH had just lost 10 in a month, and was feeling pretty good about himself. Once I started that, it was easy to see what I needed to do – EAT LESS. I was consuming way too much each day, that was it! So, with my phone to help me enter numbers during the day & keep track, I lost weight. I am down 3-4 dress sizes from where I started, and I feel so much better! I have more energy (most days – I’m still a mom, after all) and feel like I know my body’s signals so much more than when I started.

    Good luck, and I’ll be thinking of you!
    Emily in Michigan

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