Trash to Treasure-A Reinvention Round-Up

Hi guys!

Reinvented is coming to you from Atlanta today, where I’ll be for the next four days from the Haven Conference.

This is my second year at this Home Decor/DIY Bloggers’ conference, and I. am. so. excited.

Learning will be done.  From some of my fave bloggers and brands.

Since I didn’t bring any ugly furniture or paint with me…I thought it would be fun to share some favorite trash to treasure projects from my Reinventions Pinterest board, the place where I share lots of amazing upcycles.  I would love it if you followed along!


Trash to Treasure Reinventions


First up is this cool lamp created from a broken table pedestal, from Blue Roof Cabin.  I love the rustic finish, and the ingenuity.




Speaking of lamps, here’s another beauty made from scrap wood by Not Just A Housewife.




Movie Reel photo holders?  How cool would these be in a media room?  From Homeroad.




I am in love with this storage “thingy” made from an old lamp part, a door knob, and some coasters.  This is my kind of upcycle, truly trash to treasure.  From My Salvaged Treasures.





This jaw dropping transformation caught my eye because I have a vintage sewing maching table sitting in my basement “workshop” as we speak.  Hmm…from Sweet C’s Designs.




Let’s chat…what have you rescued from a trash pile lately?

Thanks so much for visiting!!

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