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Hi friends!

It’s Themed Makeover Day!  Still one of my favorite days of the month.


Especially this month, cuz the theme is industrial.

Can I get a high five??

You might rather give me a “eww gross!” when you see this before pic.


typewrite table makeover before

That, is an old typewriter table.  A slightly crooked old typewriter table.  From back when they made typewriters.

When I see old pieces with signs of use and abuse, I like to imagine the stories behind them.

Do you ever wonder?  This poor baby looks like the biggest dude on the high school football team leaned on it while typing one handed.

Anywhoo…I needed a small table to hold my sewing machine…so that’s how this month’s industrial epiphany came to be.

I scrubbed her down with a wire brush, and gave her a coat of spray paint in metallic weathered steel.

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typewriter table makeover 3


For fun, I added some word play on top.


typewriter table makeover


Since the table is kinda crooked, I placed the vinyl letters kinda crooked too.  ;)

The weathered steel spray paint is a little tricky to work with but I love the weathered look.  It’s crucial to do very  light coats to prevent the paint from running and dripping.  I’m sure my trouble had nothing to do with the fact that I am a master procrastinator and was trying to finish this month’s project at the last minute…


Old Typewrite Table to Sewing Machine Cart from Reinvented


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Weathered DIY Side Table pin


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Thank you so much for visiting today!  Please check out all of the other amazingly industrial projects from my friends below!


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20 thoughts on “Typewriter Table, Reinvented

  1. This looks so good Kimm! I love how you brought the table back with the metal finish but also upcycled it to fit your sewing needs too. It’s awesome! Hope your day is a great one, Coco
    coco recently posted…House TourMy Profile

    1. Thank you Coco! I’m looking forward to having my sewing machine out and easy to access. Right now it’s kept in a box. :)

  2. Love, love, love your typewriter stand made sewing table. I remember those typewriter stands very well! You are to be commended for repurposing and updating it. Clever and cute. Thank you for saving our landfills from more “junk” which should always be re-used and not thrown away. Hopefully these skills will transfer to our younger generations from seeing what we (you!) can do with “old stuff” – definitely NOT trash!

    1. Thank you so much Barbara! I am definitely trying to teach my own kids the value of reusing and recycling items instead of throwing stuff away to buy new. Hope it sticks with them! :)

    1. Thanks Jen! I’ve seen typewrite tables for twice as much as I paid for this one ($12), so I think I got a pretty good deal! :)

    1. Thanks Wendi! That hammered metal paint is a little tricky, I ended up sanding down a couple of spots and recoating because the pain ran a little on vertical surfaces. Posted that part on Periscope. :)

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