Five Friday Favorites-Crafty Uses for Household Items

Hi everyone!

Thank goodness it’s FRIDAY!  Can I get an amen?

What a week.  I’m exhausted, and there’s nothing I’d rather do right now than stay right here on my couch and talk 5 Friday Favorites.


5 Friday Favorites from Reinvented


This week I’m sharing FIVE totally random DIY must haves.  Stuff you might not even know you need.

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First up…baby wipes.



I’ve been buying baby wipes for 21 years.  Seriously.  When I was done wiping baby butts with them I just kept finding new uses, like wiping up paint drips.  And cleaning paint from my fingers, when I’m in the car and realize that I didn’t get all of the paint off my fingers in the shower.  I use them to clean stuff before I paint it, and clean up the mess after.

Second…silicone pot holders.




These babies are perfect for holding on to those little items you are trying to paint with a brush, but they keep sliding around on your workbench.  Place a couple of silicone pot holders on a surface, then place your paintable item on top, and there’s no slippin’ and slidin’.


Number 3…PVC pipe.

I use scrap pieces of small diameter PVC pipe to stir paint.  They are easy to grip, stir the paint well, and clean up is a breeze.


4th…paper grocery bags.




Besides gathering trash, paper grocery bags can be used for sanding a finish on delicate objects.  It’s the highest grit “sandpaper” you can find.

And last but not least…foam craft brushes.





BUT, not for what you think.  Of course the foam brush end is useful…but it’s the other end that I like best.  That perfectly round wooden stick is perfect for stamping on fabric and wood.  The only drawback is that you can’t use them on curved surfaces.

I’m ok with that.

What is the most random household object you’ve used for a DIY project?

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6 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites-Crafty Uses for Household Items

  1. Hi Kimm, I love your tips and I forget about baby wipes and always loved them but using them for paint wipes is brilliant and the pvc pipe for mixing paint is also brilliant too. Thanks for sharing and linking up at our party, have a great Thursday xo Lisa
    Lisa recently posted…Yummy CornbreadMy Profile

  2. A random household object I use for projects is an old serving spoon or fork – I use them for digging in tight spaces – flower pots, corners I’m cleaning, etc. A flathead screwdriver is also useful for cleaning corners – just slip your cloth over the end and dig debris out of corners and along woodwork.

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