Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial For Lazy Girls

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We are in “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we are doing our first sale in less than two weeks” mode here.

I cut out and sewed four envelope pillow covers today and thought I’d share my new secret for speed and accuracy.


pillow tutorial


Since I’m sewing several pillow covers each of an 18×18 square and a 12×24 rectangle, the engineer made some “patterns” for me out of MDF.


Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial 8

I kind of stink at measuring, and at cutting a straight line, so these patterns were a God send.  The large rectangle is 14×26 to allow for a one inch seam allowance and a finished pillow front of 12×24.

The smaller rectangle is 14×20 and two of them will form the “envelope” back.

I just laid them on a piece of fabric, and using my roller cutter and a cutting mat, make quick work of the cuts.

I folded over the overlapping ends of the back pieces twice, pressed them,

Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial 3


And sewed down that fold with my machine.  Not so straight straight lines are pretty much all I know how to sew.


Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial 2



Next I assembled the pieces, wrong side out


Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial 5



And pinned them together.


Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial


The last steps are to stitch a rectangle around the edge and through all of the pieces, and then turn the finished pillow cover right side out!


Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial 6



Easy!  My new “patterns” make churning out envelope pillow cover after envelope pillow cover easy, quick and accurate!

Now I need to decide how they will be painted.  I’ve got lots of ideas brewing, and will share soon!


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5 thoughts on “Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial For Lazy Girls

  1. this is about the 100th tut on making these pillows that i have read and you made me so much closer to actually using my almost new in the sewing machine that’s actually 8 yrs old lol xx

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