Trash To Treasure Tuesday-Painted Stripe Plates

Hello friends!

Thank you so much for visiting me on Trash to Treasure Tuesday.  Today is my first day as a blogger/nurse.  ;)  I’ve spent my entire adult life as a nurse, and in 2009 added blogger to my resume; for the past 6 years I’ve loved my life as a nurse/blogger.

But today the balance has shifted.  I left my full time nurse educator job (last day was yesterday), and while I’ll still be working as an ER nurse, most of my time will be spent here with you!

You lucky dogs.  ;)

So many exciting things are happening around here, and one of them is Trash to Treasure Tuesday.  Like, seriously, the quickest and easiest Trash to Treasure Tuesday eva.


Trash to treasure tuesday

So, you know I’ve been working on a plate wall in our dining room.  But I didn’t want just any plate wall.  I want a mix of patterns and plain; farmhouse and modern.

Last month, I drew on a plate with a Sharpie.

plate wall art 3

This week, I received a surprise box in the mail from DecoArt.  I am a member of their blogger outreach program, and one of the perks is apparently surprise boxes of paint.  :)  My box contained two samples of DecoArt’s new MAXX GLOSS paint, a multi-surface glossy paint.



I had to laugh because the colors I received are Carribean Blue (the turquoise shade above) and Hematite (the dark gray above).  Clearly they know who they are dealing with.  ;)

I had these two square plates in my stash of trash, and decided it would be fun to add a hand painted stripe.  And by hand painted, I mean not perfect.




The paint goes on very smooth, and glossy.  It took two light coats to achieve the painterly look I was going for.

painterly striped plates




I  added some gold washi tape to another round plate for some more graphic pattern on this side of the chalkboard.


trash to treasure striped plates


Not bad for my first day on the job?  I would have done more, but it took the first half of the day to catch up on the dusting…


Painted Stripe Plate from Reinvented

Have an awesome day!

(Disclosure:  I received DecoArt paint in exchange for this post, but my opinions are 100% my own.)


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