Vintage High School Science Desk Makeover

Hi friends!

I am so excited to share this project with you today.  This vintage high school science desk was one of those squeal out loud kind of finds.


Vintage Science Desk Makeover Before 2


And I didn’t even find it.  I get at least one text a day from a friend that has discovered something that she thinks I would love.  (and I LOVE getting those texts!)  This one came from a garage sale about an hour from here.

I shop as many yard sales as I can, and especially enjoyed spending time with the folks from Krylon at this year’s 127 Yard Sale.

This unique piece  still has initials carved in the top.  And a big circle that someone thought was a great idea, I’m sure.  ;)

Vintage Science Desk Makeover Before


We sanded the piece down well, but not well enough to erase those delightful carvings.

I did have the engineer scrape the gum off of the bottom.  Yuck.

I sprayed the top with Chalkboard Spray Paint from Krylon.  Oh how I love that stuff.  Even if you don’t plan on writing on it, it’s a perfectly flat black finish.

Vintage Science Desk Makeover


The legs were revitalized with gel stain in antique walnut, and the chair seat and “skirt” around the desk top received two coats of black chalky finish paint.

Here’s a shot of the finished desk makeover at the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market last weekend.


Vintage Science Desk Makeover After


We struggled a bit with the openings, assuming there were once drawers in that spot.  I finally caved to the engineer; he wants to add metal to all. the. things.

Here’s a terrible I-phone in the garage shot of the metal accent.


Vintage Science Desk Makeover 3


We are pretty thrilled with how this vintage high school science desk makeover turned out, and although it didn’t sell last weekend, we’re sure the perfect family is out there just waiting for a find like this.  :)

Thank YOU so much for visiting Reinvented, and thank you to Krylon for sponsoring this post!  (as always, all opinions on fabulous chalkboard spray paint are my own)

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Vintage Science Desk Makeover from Reinvented


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3 thoughts on “Vintage High School Science Desk Makeover

  1. Love the make over!! There’s a school remodel going on close to me, so now I have to ask what their plans are for their used furniture! Although I don’t think there were ever any drawers in their desks. If I remember correctly, that’s where students would keep their stuff during class. Usually you could find some “treasures” if you dug all the way to the back…

    1. Thanks Liara! I wondered if there really were drawers there, and one of my kids said there aren’t drawers in science desks now, so probably not. Speaking of treasures, we found lots of “vintage” gum underneath the desk! ;)

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