Vintage Wood Spool Pumpkins

Hello friends!  How are you on this lovely Wednesday?  I’m comfy on my couch watching Property Brothers and listening to a late summer thunderstorm.  Bliss…

I’ve got a fun fall craft to share with you today, vintage wood spool pumpkins.  Remember these vintage wood spools from my late summer/back to school mantel?


late summer mantel decor 5



For some reason, I looked at them this week and saw pumpkins.  I can’t explain it.

So I found some washi tape, a piece of leftover trim, and a couple of leaves from our birch tree, and bibbidi bobbidi boo!


Vintage Spool Pumpkins

I had some orange washi tape with pinkish polka dots, so that pumpkin is a little more “traditional” (if a wood spool pumpkin can be traditional), and some white wash tape with gold polka dots for a more “glam” version.


Vintage Wood Spool Pumpkins 5



I love how they look on our bicycle wheel foyer table.

The stems are pieces of trim wiped with one coat of General Finishes Gel Stain in antique walnut.


Vintage Spool Pumpkins 1


After my favorite season ends, the washi tape and stems will remove easily, and we’ll be back to plain wood spools.  Unless I decide to turn them in to Christmas trees…hmmm…

Here’s a pinnable image, I’d LOVE IT if you would share!  Thanks so much!!


Vintage Wood Spool Pumpkins from Reinvented

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