Spray Paint Anything The Easy Way

Hey guys!  Today is the last day to enter the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest for this month, and true to form, I’m a last minute Lucy.  (I just made that up, but it’s cute, huh?  ;))


This month’s theme is Spray It Pretty,and each participating blogger received a Homeright Finish Max paint sprayer to use for a furniture flip.


Spray Painted Chair with Homeright 6


I’ve always been kind of afraid of paint sprayers.  Afraid of overspray.  Afraid of complicated assembly.  (I’m not the engineer of the house, after all…)  Definitely afraid of the clean-up process.  I couldn’t imagine that using a paint sprayer would be worth the hassle I assumed would happen.

Oh how wrong I was.

To give the Finish Max a try, I decided to paint a thrift store book case that my daughter bought for her room.  I read all of the instructions thoroughly, tested my paint (Behr Ultra Paint and Primer in one, in Swiss Coffee, the same color I just painted our dining room) with the handy viscosity cup, and sprayed on the first coat.

When I went back out to our tiny side yard to check the paint’s “dryness”, I found that the bookcase had fallen over in to our evergreen tree, and the rather cheap particle board backing had split right down the middle.

Ruh roh.  So that explains the “last minute Lucy” part.  It was time for Plan B.

Plan B was a tiny rocking chair that my mom bought for Megan’s 1st birthday.  That makes this little cutie 20 years old.


spray painted chair before


This is a project I probably wouldn’t have tackled before, because painting a detailed piece like this with a brush is a pain in the butt, if ya know what I mean.

Two coats of paint with the Finish Max and I had this.


Spray Painted Chair with Homeright


Creamy white perfection.  Just look at that finish!


Spray Painted Chair with Homeright 3


Here’s the fall version.  ;)


Spray Painted Chair with Homeright 2


In conclusion…(she clears her throat properly) I have decided that the Homeright Finish Max is DA BOMB.  The thought that I can choose from the endless color selection at my local paint store AND have the ease and smooth finish of spray paint has me dancing in my chair.  (yes, there is such a thing as chair dancing, and I’m really good at it)

Not that chair.  My butt would so get stuck.

On that note, I’ll send you off to check out the rest of the entries in this fab contest!

The featured hosts this month are Evey at Evey’s Creations, and Lynn at On Fern Avenue.  These ladies have the links to more spray painted greatness.

These gorgeous creatures are the hosts of the contest.  If you are a blogger and are interested in participating, contact info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.com




Have a fab flippin’ weekend!

(Sponsorship Disclosure:  Some or all of the hosts of The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest receive monetary and/or product compensation from the sponsoring brand, Homeright, in order to complete their themed projects. All opinions are 100% my own.  Homeright will also provide the prize package for the contest winner.)

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10 thoughts on “Spray Paint Anything The Easy Way

    1. Thank you Marie! I was so nervous about using a sprayer, and now I am definitely a convert! I can’t wait to use it again.

  1. We just bought a HomeRight Sprayer and I have been super nervous about using it. Your post makes me want to go out right now and paint something!

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