Oh Christmas Tree

Hello my sweet friends!

We finally got our tree decorated this week, and I can honestly say, I’m done with Christmas decorating.  Like, so done.

As in “stick a fork in me.”

I actually started thinking about January decor today…  ;)  As much as I love putting the holiday decor up, I’m just as thrilled every year to take it all down.

Before I sound like a Scrooge or something, though, let me show you our beautiful tree!


Christmas Tree


Every year, we go to the Walsh Tree Farm in St. Louisville, Ohio and find the perfect tree.  Seriously, friends, this place has frazier firs as far as the eye can see, and they are ALL perfect.


Christmas Tree 2


I like trees that aren’t too dense, with room for the ornaments to hang and sparkle in the light.  My kids decorated this beauty, using all of the black, white, and red ornaments we have, as well as their “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments, cuz it’s not Christmas without those.  As much as I might drool over “designer trees”, I always love ours best.


Christmas Tree 3


Our family room is small, but cozy, and we spend every evening after Thanksgiving watching Christmas movies together.

This PB pillow is a favorite, and it’s perfect for the bench that sits back to back with the love seat and provides some extra seating in the adjacent kitchen.


Christmas Tree 4


Speaking of the kitchen, the chalkboard wall makes a perfect Christmas card display, with hand drawn chalk marker frames.  I can’t wait until it’s full.


Christmas Tree 5


The pantry door is dressed up with a fresh green wreath.  The smell is heavenly.


christmas tree 9


Last but not least, this hot cocoa “bar” is probably the most popular decor item in da house.


Christmas Tree 7


We balance out the chocolate with citrus fruit.  ;)


Christmas Tree 8


My chalkboard cannisters hold cocoa mix and peppermint marshmallows, and we have Santa face mugs to up the fun factor.

I am so happy to be able to relax and enjoy the decorations now.  And wrap the presents.  And bake the cookies.  ;)

Have a great week!





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One thought on “Oh Christmas Tree

  1. Kimm I have to agree with you about tree decorations. I’m not one for designer trees either. I much prefer the family type with all the personal ornaments. Your home is lovely and very user freindly. I love the blackboard wall and the way you draw little frames around the cards. That is adorable. And don’t talk about taking the decorations down. I feel that it’s an ongoing process to put them up… here I am a month later and they are still going up… When will it end?
    Mary-In the boondocks recently posted…The Inspiration for my Christmas Tree – Η Έμπνευση για το Χριστουγεννιάτικο ΔέντροMy Profile

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