Five Minute Friday, Easy Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Hello my friends!  It’s time for another Five Minute Friday, the day that I share my quickest and easiest decorating tweaks.  The ones that I can’t stop making.  :)  Since we’re halfway through January, I thought today would be a fun day for easy Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas.

I made a couple of lovey dovey updates to our small gallery wall in the powder room.  If you’ve been here a bit, then you might have seen the switch up wall plaques that I made out of unfinished wood plaques and a little paint.


switch up wall plaques 11

Here’s how one looked last spring.


switch up wall plaques 6


The butterfly is attached with two tiny pieces of 3M command strips.

After I painted stripes on the powder room wall, I decided that striped plaques might be a bit much (I know, that’s crazy talk), so I painted over these stripes.

For Valentine’s Day, I bought a small wooden heart


Easy Valentine's Day Decor Idea


and painted it red.


Easy Valentine's Day Decor Idea 2


I also had this little tag that I had stained.


Easy Valentine's Day Decor Ideas 3


I added them to the plaques, and voila, very quick and easy change up for the holiday.


Easy Valentine's Day Decor Ideas 6


I honestly could have called this Two Minute Friday.  But that would have ruined the whole alliteration thing.


Easy Valentine's Day Decor Ideas 5


That’s all folks!  I can’t wait to switch those out for a four leaf clover; but that’s mostly because spring will be closer then.

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