Five Minute Friday, Painted Baskets

Hello my sweet friends!  Happy Friday!  It’s raining and gloomy here today, so I’m passing the time by changing things up a bit around here.  Nothing brightens my mood like quick, easy, and cheap decorating tweaks.   As much as we all love major room redo’s, and faux shiplap walls, no one has the money or time to overhaul a room every week, am I right?   Today’s tweak involves painted baskets, and I’m excited to share a new project each Friday.  Let’s call it Five Minute Friday, okay?


Five Minute Decorating Ideas. Quick, easy, and cheap!


Clever, huh?  You should be used to that by now.  ;)

This metal basket is new, I found it at Meijer, and loved the coppery color.  Until I decided to change it, of course.  The wicker basket is a $1 thrift store find, and was originally a lighter straw color.


Five Minute Friday, Painted Baskets


I changed up the metal basket with just a few swipes of aqua chalk paint.  I love how it almost adds a copper patina, and it definitely jazzes up book storage.


Five Minute Friday, Painted Baskets 3


I left the chalk paint un-sealed, so if I change my mind again, and I will, the chalk paint will wash off.  If you’re not as fickle as me, you could seal the paint with a quick coat of spray poly and still be done before the five minute timer rings.

The wicker basket was updated with a quick coat of walnut stain.  When that dried, I brushed on some white paint.  I’m a sucker for some contrast, and the look of worn paint.


Five Minute Friday, Painted Baskets 4


Now I can fill it with seasonal flowers for even less than five minute decor tweaks.

Do you have some old or new baskets that you can switch up with a little paint or stain?  You’ll be blown away by the difference a little update can make in your home, and in your mood!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday, Painted Baskets

    1. Thank you so much ladies! I can’t leave well enough alone around here, so I figured I might as well share this stuff! :) Have a great weekend!

  1. I was just sitting here trying to decide what to do with the wicker “plates” I had picked up at a thrift store. Love the idea to stain and then brush paint on. Thanks for the idea. Both your baskets look great.

  2. kimm at my age 66 fast and easy is the way to go lol, they look good but how could they not sitting on my all time favorite table xx

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