Quick Bookshelf Style

Hello my friends.  Today I got a little “burr” in my bonnet about our den.  It’s such a nice sunny spot, but it’s kind of cluttered, and not used to it’s full potential.  I decided to do a little updating.  You know, a few tweaks.  :)  I started with a quick bookshelf restyle.

Here’s what our bookshelves looked like before.


quick bookshelf restyle 4

That was on a clean day.  ;)  I have a real problem with bookshelves; I just can’t find a style I like for very long.

So today I changed things up a bit.  I went a little lighter and more neutral with the accessories, and moved the books to the bottom.

(please excuse the photo quality, it’s SO DARK here!)


Quick Bookshelf Restyle 2


I added a plain linen colored canvas to the top shelf to lighten it up, and layered a monogram, a vintage “signature 6”, and some shells from the beach to the top shelf.


Quick Bookshelf Restyle


I love the shape of these vases and this pedestal bowl, so they are displayed on the 2nd shelf, but I’m not sure that’s final.  I so prefer simple, graphic arrangements; and I hate lots of small accessories, which makes achieving those perfectly layered and beautiful bookshelf designs difficult for me.

I think I’ll live with this for a bit, and try to create something that coordinates on the other side of the armoire.  Stay tuned for a few more updates to this room.  I’d really like to spend more time in here, so I’m going for style and function.  :)

Have a great day!

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7 thoughts on “Quick Bookshelf Style

  1. Your shelves look great. I love how you styled them. I really like your idea of using a white canvas as the back layer on the top shelf. It really makes your dark things pop, even in a dark bookcase. I’m going to borrow your idea. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca! It’s amazing how a strong determination to only “use what you have” can bring with it a little creativity! ;) Have a great weekend.

    1. That is a great idea Mary! I might have to give that a try, my biggest issue with these is that they are so dark and busy. Turning the books around would solve both! Thanks for the suggestion!

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