Five Minute Friday, Early Spring Mantel Decor Ideas

Hello my sweet friends!!  It’s time for five minute Friday, and time for some early spring mantel decor ideas.  And time for the weekend.  Can I get a woot woot?!

After the Valentine’s Day mantel comes down, I’m ready for spring.  But spring in Ohio is still several weeks away.  I decided to add some simple early “I really wish it was spring” touches to our mantel, using items I already have.  And guess what?

It only took FIVE MINUTES!!

Five Minute Friday-Early Spring Mantel Decor Ideas from Reinvented


I decided to go with shades of green, and add some faux life with faux foliage.  ;)

I gathered all of the green books I could find (clearly I need more), a preserved boxwood topiary from the piano, and some faux peonies from the basement.


early spring mantel ideas


I beheaded the peonies, and stuff them in my faux galvanized metal wreath.  (if you haven’t made yours yet, click here for the tutorial!)


Early Spring Mantel Ideas 2


Books are the BEST for adding color, and boosting items up.


Spring Mantel Decor Ideas 5


These are even gardening books, so that’s a bonus.  :)

How do you decorate your mantel for the “I really wish it was spring” season?

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday, Early Spring Mantel Decor Ideas

  1. That is so cute! I love the contrast and PEONIES! I totally decorate for the season I’m waiting on! Here in Texas, its usually fall that takes forever to show up : )

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