Reader Appreciation Month Giveaway #3

Good morning friends, Happy Monday!  Tell me something, do weekends get shorter every week, or what?  I’ll tell you a little bit more about ours in a minute; I want to tell you about Reader Appreciation Giveaway #3 first.


Reader Appreciation Giveaway on Reinvented 3

So, I went shopping for you this weekend.  I found some fun springy stuff, and I can’t wait to send this colorful appreciation gift to one of you.


reader appreciation giveaway on Reinvented 2


There’s a pretty journal, a fun chalkboard and some chalk, washi tape, string, and a chocolate bar.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling me what you biggest home decor dilemma is.  Pretty easy, huh?

Today is the last day to enter last week’s giveaway, The Nesting Place, one of my favorite books.  You also have one more day to enter the book giveaway over at RoadKill Rescue, Annie Sloan’s Color Recipes For Painted Furniture.

Oh, and the other thing about our weekend…I am volunteering with a program at our church called Alpha.  Have you heard of it?  I am learning so much, and enjoying every session.  If you have participated in an Alpha program before, I’d love to hear about it!

Have a GREAT week!


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32 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Month Giveaway #3

  1. Nice little giveaway- would love to win!! My biggest dilemma is trying to get my husband motivated to get our master bedroom painted. I want it painted Robin egg blue. He supposedly had someone lined up before X-Mas, but no show so far???

    1. Oh my, how frustrating! I love robin’s egg blue. These husband type dilemmas make me smile, because I sure haven’t figured out how to get mine to do what I want all of the time! ;) Is there anything that he wants you to do, that you’ve been putting off? Maybe you could negotiate a deal? Or make his favorite meal? :) (I’m not trying to oversimplify, just throwing out stuff that has worked for me! :))

    1. Yep, I get it, Tracy. I have the same issues. What do you think of the five minute Friday projects? They are quick, and usually cheap. :) I also have a category of “No Spend Decorating” ideas. You are inspiring me to create some more. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. My biggest problem are 2 large labs and 5 cats. HELP.. Really cant do what you want or try to keep it as clean as you want. Worst than having kids. I do get extra loving though.

    1. I am with you on that one, Gail! We have two large labs also, they are my sweeties, but the fur is frustrating! I just decided to try to make a quick sweep of the floors part of each day so the fur doesn’t get overwhelming, and otherwise resign myself to the fact that if I love dogs, and I do, there’s going to be fur in my house. :) Love that extra loving!

  3. My bedroom…all of it! Maybe I could think more about it if one half were not covered in a pile of my husband’s things that he is planning to get to and that I cannot touch

    1. OOh, yeah, not sure I can help with husband type issues. ;) Maybe set aside a time, tell him you’re going to purge/organize a cluttered place of yours while he does that one? My husband is usually more on board with my ideas if I approach from a “we” perspective, instead of a “here’s what you need to do” perspective. ;) Thank you for sharing!!

  4. The biggest decorating problem I am trying to work with is the size of my home. A few years ago I moved into a senior citizens complex. I have a very small duplex that is very plain with nothing of interest. I would like to re-do the entire duplex (as I can afford it ). I did live in a larger home and need to let go of some things and I am now ready to. I have made a simple answer to your question into a very long one. The problem is I don’t know where to start with this small space. There I finally said it!!!

    1. Treva, thank you so much for sharing. I know that downsizing can be so difficult; it sounds like you are in a good mindset to get rid of the things you don’t need or that don’t bring you joy, and simplify your space. Have you heard about the Konmari method or purging and organizing? The basic premise, from what I gather (I haven’t read the book) is to sort items in to categories, and then pick up each item, one by one, and note the feeling you get when you look at it. If you feel joyful or happy, then keep it. If you don’t, get rid of it. Maybe that would help you? I will keep brainstorming, I think ideas for solving your “decorating dilemma” would make an amazing blog post! :) Have a great day, my friend!!

  5. My daughter, son-in-law & three sweet grandkids live with me so my major dilemma is what to do with the gazillion My Little Ponies, Legos & Hot Wheel cars that have overtaken the living room. We have canvas bins for them but they are boring & blah. I thought about painting them or maybe some stenciling. We (the grown ups) have placed a ban on new toys, so far we have stuck to it. I need some inspiration!!

    1. thank you so much for sharing, Sherry! I sure remember those days of tiny toys everywhere. :) I think your idea to stencil the canvas bins is really good. I will look for some more inspiration for you and share in a future post!! Have a great day!

    1. I get it, Susan! We have invested in just a few good pieces (our couch and love seat, mostly) but it is hard to do. What items do you have that you’d love to reinvent?

  6. My biggest dilemma is that I see new things (furniture, rugs, décor ideas) and really can’t justify following all the “trends” when there’s nothing wrong with what I already own!
    It makes me feel a little selfish and ungrateful to not love EVERYTHING I have. I have some nice pieces so maybe I just need to move things around and add a few accessories to fall in love all over again!

    1. OH Meri, I feel you girl. :) I am hearing some common themes in these answers, so I will write some posts to try and help. :) I have some ideas… :)

  7. Great question! What would probably be my number one dilemma would be the budget. Following that would be not being able to re-create some of the great ideas that I see on pinterest or the blogs that I follow. I try but it seems I just don’t have creativity gene necessary to pull it off.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I am going to compile these “decorating dilemmas” and try my best to offer solutions in future posts. Have a great day!!

  8. Not enough time. I wish there was more time in a day, week, month to do all the stuff that’s just begging to be created, re-made, re-cycled, re-purposed. Here’s the strange thing though, I always find time to check in on reinvented and roadkill rescue. You are definitely doing something special Kimm. P.S. Tell us more about Alpha?
    Michelle Leslie recently posted…Turn an Old Handbag into a Picnic CaddyMy Profile

    1. Aww, Michelle, I think I love you. ;) Maybe I will write a post about Alpha; it is a course that was started by a minister in England, his name is Nicky Gumbel, and it is focused on developing a relationship with Jesus. The program starts very basic (i.e. the first session is “Who is Jesus?”), and builds from there. A group of about 200 of us in our parish started a few weeks ago and the Holy Spirit is doing great things. I am so excited about this, and plan to continue with future sessions as a planning committee member. If you want to know more, visit Thanks for asking!! :)

    1. Oh Cindy, I have that “disease” too! As soon as I think I’ve “finished” a room, I see a photo somewhere and it’s all over… ;) Girls like us need to focus on small tweaks we can make that don’t cost much money but satisfy our urge to decorate. Or just start decorating other peoples’ houses. :)

  9. I live in a tiny home with 2 kids under 2 so decorating just isn’t happening. I try to worry more about cleaning at this point.

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