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Hello my friends!  This week has been absolutely nuts.  I am working hours at both hospital jobs, as well as wife-ing and mom-ing and blogging.  I know that you feel me.  Anyway, I did finish a project that I have been planning for awhile.  Our dining room has a scrap wood word wall that is finally out of my brain and in my home.


Scrap Wood Word Wall From Reinvented


I gave up spending money on home stuff for Lent again this year, and this exercise always stretches my creativity.  And helps me grow in the area stewardship, which is my WORD of the yearso there’s that.

You all know that I LOVE typography art;  I really can’t call a room complete until there are words on the walls.  It’s a problem.  AND, the window wall of our dining room was looking pretty bare.  AND it’s kind of the natural focal point, as it is opposite of the main entrance to the room.

So…I cut up a few pieces of scrap wood, asked my kids to help me brainstorm “dining” words, and this is what we came up with.


Scrap Wood Word Wall 4


Clearly curtains are in order, and I’ve got an idea for the lower portion of the wall, but I’m in love with the words.


Scrap Wood Word Wall 3


For those of you wondering, “essen” is German for “to eat”.  Our family heritage is German (on both sides), so I thought it would be fun to include.


Scrap Wood Word Wall


And “toast” is is the verb, not the bread.  ;)


Scrap Wood Word Wall 5


“Mangia” is Italian for “eat”, included because our oldest daughter is set to graduate from Ohio State in May with a minor in Italian.  And “comer” is Spanish.  Three out of four of our kids have taken Spanish, and number three traveled to Spain last year.


Scrap Wood Word Wall 2


This wall is well on it’s way to being a fun focal point.  Hopefully I can sew the curtains and finish the lower wall surprise this weekend.  Wish me luck!

Have a great day, thanks so much for coming by!!

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