Farmhouse Decor Ideas For The Bathroom

Hi friends!  If you’ve been around awhile, then you know that I did a little master bathroom makeover about a year and a half ago.   And I loved it for about five minutes.  I really don’t know why I attempt to put color on my walls; cuz I just don’t like it and always come back to white/cream/greige.  Why didn’t you guys stop me?  ;)  Looking for inspiration, I searched for some farmhouse decor ideas for the bathroom.  Would you like to see what I found?

I think my issue is that when I paint color on my walls then I lose the flexibility to change up the decor as often as I need want to.  So after much trial and error, I’ve settled on creamy whites and dark charcoal for contrast in the family spaces downstairs, and I might as well go with those tried and true favorites upstairs too.

I even have leftover paint, so the bathroom painting will start TOMORROW  Eeek!

I thought it would be fun to share a few inspiring farmhouse decor ideas for the bathroom pins from my Bathroom Beauties Pinterest board today.  I haven’t really done much planning yet, I NEED to get those wall neutralized and go from there.  You know what I mean?

This gorgeous space from the Rustic Boxwood is a pretty spot on match to the pictures in my mind.  I love the shiplap, I love the rustic wood, and I love the contrast the black vanity provides.



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