Decluttering In The Bedroom

Hello my sweet sweet friends!  I am so happy to see you.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk this week.  Does that happen to you too?  My house is kind of a mess, even though I thought I had finally hit on a cleaning routine I could keep up with…I’m behind on my projects…I have to keep working at the hospital even though I’d rather be at home…sorry, I’m not usually a whiny girl, I’m just feeling overwhelmed.

Let’s talk about what I did get done, shall we?  I have been trying to work on decluttering in the bedroom; because, a sanctuary, it is not.  And it’s stressing me out.   You might remember that last year I set up a workspace in our room, thinking that an “office” was just what I needed to be productive.


Decluttering In The Master Bedroom

Big mistake.  Huge.  #prettywomanisaclassic

Problem #1:  I don’t like working in my room.  It’s too isolated.

Problem #2:  I can’t be trusted with a flat surface.  It’s like I am compelled to put all. the. things. there.  And then I can’t find any of them.

Problem #3:  The sanctuary thing I mentioned above.  I’m pretty sure a bedroom is supposed to be relaxing.  And it was not.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo before I started hurling crap off of the desk, but I’m sure you can imagine how bad it was.

I wanted to keep some storage in the room, as I don’t have a good place to keep stuff in my new office, i.e. the couch.  ;)  So I brought up a set of delightfully curvy shelves that I painted last year.


curvy painted shelves



I ruthlessly purged most of the crap, and now that corner of our room looks like this.


Decluttering in the master bedroom after


I added my painted frame and fabric chair for a spot to sit.  We brought back in a TV because we like to watch a movie in here every now and then.

This spot is much calmer now, and I’ll rest much easier as soon as I get rid of the rest of the crap at the foot of my bed.


Decluttering in the Master Bedroom 3


Eek.  Maybe next week I’ll share how I pared down my entirely ridiculous magazine collection.  Would you be interested in a little post on purging paper publications?

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10 thoughts on “Decluttering In The Bedroom

  1. I am so glad I am not the only one. I have cleaned each room and gotten rid of soooooo much but I still have more to do.. I don’t understand how it happens. I hope you do better than I did.

  2. let’s see i have two tool boxes a drill and a heap of junk on the bench i have to deal with, my bathroom has quarts and quarts of paint plus a half full 2 gallon pail plus paint brushes etc also in my bedroom is my desk and computer the desk is piled with crap i just can’t seem to put some where else, i think i need a shrink lmao xx

  3. This looks amazing! I also struggle with keeping “work” out of my bedroom – this was a great post! Thanks for sharing your ideas – and your new shelf is gorgeous!

  4. I can relate to the way you feel too! Since I started blogging, I mostly want to be at home as well, and sometimes I don’t feel like working on projects. I love your desk area; it looks so inviting! I need to create a desk area for myself so I can get my crap off the dining room table :-)

    1. Thanks Mary! The downside of moving downstairs so I can be around my family while I work is that I’ll need to organize my “stuff” somewhere downstairs. I’m hoping to use the IKEA dressers in the dining room, and get in to the habit of putting things away when I’m done. Tall order. ;)

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