Dining Room Storage, Introducing The Two Piece Buffet

Hello everyone!  It’s a little/a lot late for my Wednesday post, but I had a migraine earlier today commanding my attention.  I’m feeling much better now, so let’s talk about my new dining room storage!


Dining Room Storage, Introducing The Two Piece Rolling Buffet Option


You might remember, a couple of weeks ago, I shared some DIY dining room buffet cabinet inspirations (check those out here).  I was looking for closed door or drawer storage that was flexible enough for multiple uses.

As is par for my own personal course, budget was a huge issue.  I spend a lot of time pondering how to get what I want for a tiny budget, and that’s where my imagination usually kicks in.

I already had this IKEA Rast dresser that I had painted in a faux galvanized metal finish; so the engineer and I spent many a minute trying to figure out how to turn this favorite in to a buffet.


IKEA Rast Hack Farmhouse Dresser


The size of our dining room was a major stumbling block.  The space just isn’t wide enough for a fabulous buffet on the long wall.  Our solution?  Well, let me tell you about that.

First we purchased another Rast dresser.  These small beauties are only $35 each.  I painted and stained it to match and the engineer added wheels to the bottom of both.


dining room storage 3


The wheels are from Amazon and set us back about $40 for eight.  Since our dining room is longer than it is wide, we placed a wheeled dresser on either side of the window.  Next to my new DIY curtains, and under the scrap wood word walls.  :)


dining room storage 2


You might notice that the newest dresser doesn’t yet have hardware, I’m working on that.

The dressers are perfect for storage, and are out of the way.  But…when we need a surface for serving food…


dining room storage 5


We can just wheel them under the chalkboard and we’ve got a functional buffet!

This makes me so happy.  :)  It’s the perfect solution that fits our space, our budget, and our style.  The decorating trifecta.  ;)

Love painted furniture?  There’s a whole pile of projects here.

Want to create your own DIY faux galvanized metal finish?  Find the details for the IKEA Rast Farmhouse dresser here, and my faux galvanized metal wreath here.

Want to try this project?  Here’s what you’ll need:

IKEA Rast Dresser (not an affiliate link)

3 inch swivel casters (this is an affiliate link)

Thank you so much for visiting!!

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12 thoughts on “Dining Room Storage, Introducing The Two Piece Buffet

  1. I adore your two piece buffet. It’s gorgeous and so flexible. A perfect solution for military families or other families that move frequently and need flexible furniture options.

    1. So true, Susan! These dressers could easily be used for side tables next to a bed or sofa, or for kitchen storage depending on the space. :) Have a great day!!

    1. Thank you so much Brooke! Our closest IKEA is in Cincinnati, which is about 2 hours, but they are opening in Columbus in 2017, so look out then! ;) I ordered the 2nd dresser from their website and the shipping was $10, so not too bad.

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