DIY Master Bathroom Makeover, Painting

Hello my friends!   I recently started a DIY master bathroom makeover, on the smallest. budget. ever.  Last week we talked about prepping walls for paint; and this week I actually painted the walls.  ;)  I used leftover paint, in China Doll, from Sherwin Williams, so I neutralized the walls for no money at all.

As a reminder, here’s our before pic.



I never really liked that shade of blue; finally realizing that I LOVE neutral walls.  Period.

My painting process is pretty simple:  I rarely have time to paint an entire room in one day, so I paint one wall at a time.  This tip keeps me organized, and sane.  ;)  I trim first; painting on one coat, then going back at the beginning and adding another.  I don’t use tape; I’m skilled at cutting in now with an angled brush and find taping too time consuming.

This practice is quite distressing for the engineer.  ;)

After two coats on the trim, I roll on paint by “coloring in” my trimmed edges.  I love this part so much.

Here’s an after shot with most of the mess cleaned up.


DIY Master Bathroom Makeover 2


I have removed the dusty glass globes, and the light bulbs from the light fixture, and have big plans for an update that will be posted next week on RoadKill Rescue, so stay tuned for that!

The blank wall above the tub is prime space for a gallery wall, so I’m busy planning that.


DIY Master Bathroom Makeover


I love a rustic look, and hate counter top clutter, so I’m keeping the counter as simple as possible.


DIY Master Bathroom Makeover 3


I’m in love with the new wall color, and can’t wait to add the finishing touches.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Have a great day!



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6 thoughts on “DIY Master Bathroom Makeover, Painting

  1. It looks great! Did you restain the cabinets too? Or are they standing out so beautifully because of the new wall color?

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