Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables

Hello my friends!  If you wondered why I wasn’t around yesterday, it was Vanderbilt tour day and long drive home to Columbus day, so I didn’t post.  AND today is Themed Furniture Makeover Day, resulting in a Monday-Thursday-Friday schedule this week.  I hope you’re okay with that.  I am SO EXCITED to share a long overdue makeover with you.  We received a set of oak TV tray tables for a wedding gift, and they have been well used, resulting in quite the worn finish on the table tops.  With a little paint I now have some farmhouse style TV tray tables that I LOVE.




Here’s where we started, your standard set of tables.  Do you call these TV tray tables too?


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables Before


I chose a soft white paint color for my tape tops.  Choose any color you want to achieve a look that matches your style.

Here’s a shot of the first table top with one coat.


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables 6


And after the second coat.


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables 7


Next I used some cardboard stencils to add numbers to the top.  For this I used Martha Stewart Multisurface Craft paint in a dark gray shade.


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables 8


I sanded the tops well to distress the paint and then added two coats of polyacrylic since they will be used for eating.


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables 3


I kind of love them.  :)


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables


I will definitely be excited to pull these out when we have guests.


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables 2


There’s only one problem.  Three out of four of them look like this when they are folded.


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables 4


Oops.  :)

If you’d like to try this project for yourself, you’ll need the following supplies:

Chalky Finish or Satin Finish Paint (this one’s my fave)

Number Stencils in your choice of style

Chalky Finish or Satin Finish Paint

Thank you thank you thank you for stopping by today!!  If you love this post, put a pin in it!  :)  Thanks for sharing!


Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables From Reinvented


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28 thoughts on “Farmhouse Style TV Tray Tables

    1. Thanks Larissa! I didn’t realize 3/4 of them were upside down until I was ready to photograph. It didn’t even occur to me to check. Oh well. :) The #3 table will always be in the front of the rack they are stored in! ;) Thank goodness we can turn them right side up when they are in use. ;)

    1. Thanks Amy! I’m grateful that the #3 table turned out right side up, so that one is in the front when they are stored on the holding rack! :)

  1. Kimm,
    I love that they have a quirky character with the numbers. I look at your beautiful work amazed at your talent. Don’t sand the numbers off keep the magic of your wedding gift going.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

    1. Aww, thank you so much Karen! I am leaving them, with the upside down numbers they’ll not only be functional, they’ll have a story to tell! :) AND, when they are set up as tables, we can turn the numbers around. :)

  2. Kimm, these are adorable! When I was young mom and dad brought home those metal TV trays. We used them for years. Then they upgraded to wood..and we never used them. Mike and I could use some like yours….cause yes, we usually eat in front of the tv.

    1. Thanks Susie! Thank goodness they only look upside down when they are folded, I can turn them right when they are in use. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Kim! I hope you find some! :) Just remember to check which way they fold before you stencil anything on them… ;)

    1. Thank you Amy! Have a great weekend! I see that you are participating in the ORC, I love the sound of a modern vintage sports bedroom, so I’ll be following along! :)

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