Five Minute Friday, Layering Decor

Hello my sweet friends, Happy Friday, and Happy Holy Week.   This has been a crazy week.  If you haven’t yet checked out Themed Furniture Makeover Day, with this month’s FARMHOUSE theme, check that out here.

I have the quickest and easiest five minute Friday to share today, and it’s all about layering decor.  I {heart} layering, in any direction; it adds such dimension to any vignette and LOTS of interest.  And it’s cheap, so there’s that.


early spring mantel ideas

Our mantel is probably my best example of using layering in decor.  I’ve used this awesome old window as a base, and layered on the striped wood plaque and the wreath.  To add some vertical interest, these cool metal boxes, and my old stand by, books are perfect “pedestals.”

Each layer accents the layer behind it, and the one in front of it, and the one under it, and the one on top.  How cool is that?

I moved last week’s Five Minute Friday project to the foyer, layering it over a striped canvas, and I love it even more in this spot.


Five Minute Friday, Layering Decor 2


And this bowl ‘o faux plant looks best on a bed of spring colored books.


Five Minute Friday, Layering Decor 3


Don’t worry, the pantry door isn’t naked now, I added a wreath layer.  ;)


Five Minute Friday, Layering Decor


I cannot take credit for the mailbox door “wall art”, that is the engineer’s work.  ;)

What ideas do you have for layering decor?

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Have an awesome weekend!!

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday, Layering Decor

    1. Thanks Jennifer! When our mailbox door literally rusted off, my hubby hung it up there and I couldn’t bear to take it down. ;) He likes to “decorate.”

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