Prepping Walls For Paint

Hi friends!  Our master bathroom makeover has officially begun.  Today I completed the not so fun stuff; removing switchplates and outlet covers, and prepping the walls for paint.

Here’s an AFTER shot of the last makeover; it will hereby and forthwith be referred to as the BEFORE.  ;)  (I know, I’m entirely fickle, work with me here people…)



These blue walls have to go, and as much as I LOVE instant gratification, prepping the walls for paint is a necessary first step.

Many walls in your home only need a quick dusting to prep for painting, but the bathroom is a different animal.  Hairspray, perfume, and other sticky substances coat the walls, and dust sticks to that, and together they are like wallpaper paste.

I have a little cleaning cocktail that I like to use to dissolve that crap and clean the walls well so that the new color will go on smoothly and stick.

Hot water, white vinegar and a tiny bit of Dawn Dish soap is the perfect cleaning cocktail for sticky dusty walls.


prepping walls for paint 3


There’s not much this mixture can’t clean.  I heard that it even cleans up errant paint drips, but I don’t know anything about that… ;)

Once the walls were clean, I started painting the trim.


prepping walls for paint 2


I LOVE neutrals on walls.  I’m like the Switzerland of wall colors.  haha


prepping walls for paint


This project will take a few days to finish on my crazy schedule, so to satisfy my need for instant gratification, I’ve been playing around with some wall art ideas for the space.

I took a photo of the new pillow cover on my bed, and, with the Waterlogue app (remember when we talked about Waterlogue here?) I created watercolor art of the pillow pattern.


Waterlogue Wall Art


What do you think?  I love the idea of framing one of these for the bathroom, to tie in the spring color from the pillow.

Would you frame the photo or the “watercolor”?

Stay tuned for photos of the finished bathroom walls, and then more fun stuff!

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11 thoughts on “Prepping Walls For Paint

  1. I would frame the photo, probably. I like the clarity and bright colors as opposed to the “washed out, faded look” in watercolors. However, I’m liable to switch if I saw them framed and might like the muted watercolor. I am flexible!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Barbara! I think I’m leaning towards the photo too. The watercolor kind of blurs the details, and I like the details. :)

    1. Yes, Karen, Dawn is the best, I use it for so many cleaning projects. :) I think I’m leaning towards the photo too. There are so many pretty details in the botanical print fabric, and the watercolor blurs those. I might print both and then decide! :)

  2. i like the water color except for where the words were, if you could get more of the word area blocked out i would love the water color if not then i would go with the photo xx

    1. Thanks for the feedback Chris! I think I’m leaning towards the photo at this point, but I’ll play around with the watercolor a bit first. :)

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