Five Minute Friday-Painted Vases

Hey friends, Happy Friday!  I am working a long 12 hour shift in the ER today, but I stopped here first to share a five minute Friday idea with you.  :)  One of my favorite things to shop for at my local thrift store is vases.  I love to look for those with fun textures, add some color, and display painted vases like art throughout my home.

Even better if they have fresh flowers in them.  ;)


thrift store painted vases 2

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These three were purchased for $1-2 a piece.  I painted them first with flat black spray paint.  After that was dry, I added a coat of Rustoleum’s Heirloom White.  When that coat was almost dry, I lightly sanded to bring out the black.  I love the way this color combo brings out the texture of the vases; but you can use any color combo you like!


thrift store painted vases


If you like tulips, these are from Michael’s and are VERY realistic.

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Have an awesome weekend!!

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday-Painted Vases

  1. Love ’em! The white lets the flowers themselves stand out and make a big splash! Gorgeous on a shelf or table!

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