Five Minute Friday, Stenciled Storage Basket

Hey friends, happy Friday!  I am so excited for this weekend, it’s going to be beautiful.  But first, Five Minute Friday.  After sharing several budget friendly toy storage options on Monday, and how to transform a plastic basket in to an old locker basket on Wednesday, today I’m going show you how to add some farmhouse style to your storage with a stenciled storage basket.

We’ll start with a plain beige canvas storage box, available at any big box store.


Stenciled Storage Basket before

I used a cardboard stencil, with a shipping box style.


Stenciled Storage Basket


Trace the outline of the number with a Sharpie marker, using the stencil.


Stenciled Storage Basket -


Use a light touch with the marker, so you don’t get those little “starbursts” at the corners like I did.  Thank goodness I was able to blend them in when I colored in the number.


Stenciled Storage Basket 2


I love the graphic detail they add; and in under five minutes!


Stenciled Storage Basket 1


Thank you so much for visiting, have a great weekend!!

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday, Stenciled Storage Basket

    1. Thank you Michelle, and thank you SO MUCH for your sweet e-mail message a couple of weeks ago! I have lost it so I couldn’t reply. :( I am so excited to have met you through our blogs and can’t wait to watch you grow! :)

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