Metallic Painted Basket

Hey friends!  On Monday we talked about some inexpensive yet stylish storage options for our clutter;  specifically for toy clutter in family spaces.  I shared a few ideas for customizing basic baskets and boxes to fit your decor, and over the next few days I’m going to share the how to’s for those makeovers, starting with a metallic painted basket.

I started with a plastic basket from my local Meijer store, similar to the one I shared on Monday.  This one set me back $3.99.   I’m sure you could also find a good option at the dollar store.  Or the thrift store.



Metallic Finish Basket before

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I wanted to create a hammered metal finish for this basket, perfect for our modern farmhouse style.

Hammered Metal Spray paint can be a little pricey, so I started with a less expensive satin nickel spray paint for the first coat.   Be sure to use a paint that bonds to plastic.

Next I added just a light spray of the hammered metal paint to add some texture.


metallic painted basket--


I love the old metal look; quite an upgrade for the price.    If your decor is more on the modern side, you could use copper or gold paint, or any color you choose.

My kids are too old for toys, so I think this beauty will hold dog leashes.  :)

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Transform an ordinary basket in to a rustic metal locker style basket in an hour. Stylish storage to the rescue!



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