Chicken Wire Frame: A DIY Memo Board

Hey sweeties!  I am still working on my home office, and I think I’ve struck gold with the location (the actual “den” space at the front of our house-who knew? ;)), so that’s a relief. The storage and organization are pretty well complete, but I’m still waiting on my 19 year old to be done using the table/desk for his computer, so the plastic table remains.   This weekend, the engineer and I built a chicken wire frame DIY memo board; I needed a spot to clip small papers, inspirational stuff, you know.

DIY farmhouse style chicken wire frame memo board.

Chicken Wire Frame DIY Memo Board

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We started with a small roll of chicken wire from Home Depot (similar here), and a large empty frame given to me by a friend.   I quickly realized that the chicken wire was not as wide as the frame, which presented a creative dilemma.  The engineer was on board with helping piece the chicken wire together to fill the frame, but I was afraid that would be less sturdy, and more importantly, look messy.  :)  I decided to “suspend” the chicken wire in the frame by tying it with jute string.  Let me show you.

We first measured the width of the chicken wire, and the inside width of the frame, to determine how much space would be on each of the long sides of the wire.  We then cut a length of chicken wire that was short enough to leave the same space at the top and bottom.  I hope that makes sense, we wanted the jute string to be the same length all around.

I then looped the jute string on to the wire, like so.  First, fold a piece of string in half.

DIY chicken wire frame memo board tutorial. Use jute string to add rustic texture to this easy organization idea!

Slide the loop under the wire like this.

Farmhouse style organizational ideas for your home. Try this DIY chicken wire frame memo board.

Then fold the ends of the string over the wire, and under the loop, and pull tight.

DIY chicken wire memo board tutorial. Use jute string to attach the chicken wire to a thrifted frame.

The finished knots look like this.

This simple jute string knot adds strength and rustic charm to this farmhouse style chicken wire frame memo board.

Lastly, we stapled the jute string to the underside of the frame, taking care to keep the chicken wire centered.  It was a lot like upholstery, we stapled one string, then the same string on the opposite side, and so on.

DIY chicken wire frame farmhouse style memo board with jute string ties.

It kind of looks like an old mattress, don’t you think?

Organization idea with farmhouse style. This chicken wire frame diy memo board will keep photos, invitations and other small bits right at your finger tips! 2

(psst!  I can’t get the color of this photo right!  Ugh!)

Here is our new memo board hung on the wall.  It is not as crooked as it looks from this angle;  I was trying to crop out the plastic desk.  ;)

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16 thoughts on “Chicken Wire Frame: A DIY Memo Board

  1. kimm they say necessity is the mother of invention, and you just proved that and more this is way way better than just another chicken wire frame way, way better i love it xx

  2. This is such a clever and creative idea, Kim! I love the mix of materials with the frame and the chicken wire and the jute. It looks so good. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thank you so much Vanessa! And I don’t mind at all, I’m thrilled that you are inspired to make your own memo board! Have fun! :)

    1. Thanks friend! The “old mattress” look wasn’t in my plan, but it struck me after we were done! Happy accidents. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. WOW this turned out so awesome!! I love how it looks like a mattress!! So clever! Thank you for sharing over at Waste Not Wednesday! Look forward to seeing what cleverness you share this week :-)

  4. I love this project, it turned out perfectly. Upholstery skills (or tricks) are important for so many projects. Thanks for linking up to Waste Not Wednesday, be sure to share more awesomeness with us starting tomorrow :)

    1. Hi Nancy, yes I stapled the twine to the frame on the back. My husband helped by holding the chicken wire in place so that it stayed centered as I stapled. Hope that helps!

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