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Hello lovelies.  My oh my how I’ve missed you.  Have you ever made a decision, after much prayer and discernment, felt sure that it was the right one, and then became so afraid it wasn’t that you were afraid to just jump in and find out?

Yeah, me too.  ;)  My life has become completely unsettled lately, and I have no one to blame but myself, God, and Jenn Hatmaker.  I described this feeling in a comment on Jenn’s blog post yesterday (I’m sure she has printed it and is looking for the perfect vintage frame); the feeling that I’m standing on the edge of something (a cliff, probs) with that tingly sensation I get when I’m afriad I’ll fall.  I can’t really even articulate what I’m afraid of.  Failure?  Success?  Being laughed at or ignored?  Not doing enough, or over-committing myself?  Gosh, I’m a hot mess.

Life...Lately from Reinvented


Now that I’ve got you begging for more… ;), are you ready for a Reinvented Faith. Life. Home.  update?

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This is where growth is happening.  I think.  Sometimes faith growth feels a lot like a stomachache;  it can be uncomfortable,  it can interrupt both work and play with its constant need for attention, and it usually serves a specific purpose.  (I won’t go there…)

I am still participating in the First 5 app Bible studies and am learning so much.  I have read Leviticus, Hebrews, Acts and Numbers so far.  The wisdom that the First 5 ladies share is nothing short of amazing.  And convicting.  The next study of Romans and 1 & 2 Corinthians starts July 25, won’t you join us?




In other news,  Jenn Hatmaker is totally slaying me, one molecule at a time.  I’m pretty sure she’s doing it on purpose.  I’ve read two of her books in the past two months; For The Love:  Fighting For Grace In A World Of Impossible Standards, and 7:  An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.  Both have messed me up in all kinds of ways and made me think about the parts of the gospel that I’ve been missing.   If I could gift every one of you with For The Love, I would do it.  Now I’m reading Interrupted:  When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianityand that’s exactly what is happening.

So…I’m feeling a lot more knowledgeable, and even more convicted about what to do with that new knowledge.  My nature is to say YES! to a pile of projects, but I’m waiting on the Lord to guide my steps.



My kids are now 22, 19, 17 and 14.




We’re dealing with everything from “Wow, It would be really cool to buy my own car!  Wait, my payment is HOW MUCH?” to “Yes, I’m happy to be home from college for the summer, but I’m counting down the days until I go back”, to “I’m going to be a SENIOR!  I need to visit EVERY COLLEGE”, and “I’m starting high school, so now would be a good time to also start playing football, and what do you mean I have to wash my face?”

Pray for us.  AND remind me, I still have to tell you the chocolate cake story.

Seriously, though, our kids are AWESOME humans (I have no idea how they got that way),  and the engineer is still the BEST after 25 years of marriage.  LIFE is good.



If I had a cleaning lady, dogs that don’t shed, and young adult/teenage kids that never made messes, HOME would be perfect.  Not really.  I’m trying to learn how to embrace the chaos, and sometimes it works.

What else is going on on the home front?

  • We are planning to downsize/take on a fixer upper/buy my dream farmhouse when child number four graduates from high school, and since that’s only four short years away, we’re making a list of the updates our current home needs before we sell it.  After 16 years, the list is long.
  • I tried to do the lazy girl’s version of a mudroom makeover, but it was a #fail.  The tiny room was painted yellow (don’t know what I was thinking), and rather than paint around the wire shelves that are hung about 18 inches from the ceiling again,  I decided that the room would look way cool if I painted the walls gray most of the way up, leaving a sunny yellow stripe around the top.  Oh my goodness, it looks awful.  I will share it with you after I’ve fixed my mistake.  :)

My never ending quest to find the perfect space to work in our home MAY finally be actually ending.  You may remember that I tried setting up a workspace in our bedroom.




The space was too dark, and I didn’t like working upstairs.  AND I put too much on that middle shelf and it came crashing down.  ugh.   I cleaned up that mess and tried working at the kitchen table/couch, but that didn’t work either.  At this moment I am sitting in our den (yes, we have a home office space, don’t ask me why it never occurred to me to actually work there) working at a plastic folding table with a view of the park across the street.  This weekend we purged the room and organized the office essentials.  The folding table will be replaced by that table above as soon as child #2 returns to college.  (heck, maybe I’m counting down the days too? :))  I’m feeling really good about this space, and will share it with you soon!

  • We are working very hard to clean, purge and simplify.  After 25 years of marriage, four kids, and five houses, this is a BIG JOB.  I’ll keep you posted.

If you made it to the end of this post, BLESS YOU.  And THANK YOU.

I have some really fun and exciting plans for the rest of this year, and I hope that you’ll join me!  We’ll figure out what the future of Reinvented looks like together.  Have a FANTASTIC week!!

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11 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Oh yay!!!! She’s back. Missed your posts Kimm. How’s your Mom doing? I’m going to have to try get some of Jenn Hatmaker’s books, they sound intriguing. Enjoy the kids and the shedding fur babies and share some pics of your sunshine yellow mudroom ;-)

    1. Oh Michelle, I love you. :) Thank you so much for visiting. My mom is doing great, just has a little leftover weakness in her left lower leg, thank you for asking. Jenn Hatmaker is amazing, I would highly recommend every one of her books. I started with For The Love, and my addiction was immediate. ;) Let me know what you think!!

  2. My baby turned 33 last March, my middle child will be 39 this month and my oldest will be 41 in August. Believe me, I feel your angst.
    I lost my wife 2 years ago last March, and am still digging through all the ‘stuff’ we accumulated in our 40 + years.
    How do we get all that stuff? And why? Man it’s an eye opener when you start going through it all.

    1. Hello Gerry, thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I am so sorry about your loss, I can’t imagine what it’s like to sort through 40 years of memories and “stuff”. Will keep you in my prayers, take your time and give yourself plenty of grace! I hope to see you back here again. :)

    2. I can relate to you Gerry, my hubby passed away nearly four years ago this December and I’m still reeling after our 40-year marriage. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him fondly and miss the heck out of him not being here in the physical anymore. With the help from our two grown and married kids and my neighbors, we’ve pretty well gotten things straightened up here and have some semblance of order, but there’s still lots to go. Been difficult emotionally for me to keep my chair caning repair and basketry business, the website, blog and teaching active and running smoothly, but the best I can do is to take it one day at a time. With God’s help and believing I’m truly on my path, it’s coming together again.

      1. Cathryn, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t come close to imagining how you feel, but I can tell you that I am so impressed with your strength and your talents. I’m so glad that we “met” through our mastermind group! Take care and have a great week!!

  3. kimm all i can say is hang in there baby, some days you can do whole chunks of life and some days is just inches, angst wait til you have grand babies ha ha xx

    1. Thank you Chris, I love your advice. Me thinks you are a wise woman. :) And I can’t wait until I have grand babies! (well, I CAN wait, but I’m excited for them to arrive at a reasonable time… ;))

  4. Girl, I’m so proud of you and excited for you! This is awesome. I’m going to have to check out those Jenn Hatmaker books after I finish the 2 books I’m currently reading right now. Can’t wait to see where you go from here!

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