Trash to Treasure: Hand Painted Signs

Hey friends!  I’m back with another trash to treasure favorite from the late RoadKill Rescue blog (may she rest in peace).  Hand painted signs are one of the cornerstones of farmhouse style decor, and one of my very favorite decor accents.  Sure, I’d love to have old crusty authentic antique signs on my walls, but my budget “just. can’t. even.”  ;)

So I make them myself.  Usually out of scrap wood.  Today’s hand painted sign is a reinvented plywood shelf.

I was inspired by this photo from Chip and Joanna’s house, and determined to have one just like it.   I was certain the sign I saw said “GROCERY” until I actually found the photo. This will be funny in a moment.  Whatever.



Trash to Treasure:  Hand Painted Signs

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The plywood shelf was already painted a creamy white, so I started right in with the lettering.  I printed the word GROCERY (NO, not SUPER MARKET…lol) in a font size large enough to fill the sign (remember 72 pt = 1 inch).

I printed the letters, one per page, and trimmed them so they’d be easier to line up.  There’s no need to cut them out completely. (sorry, don’t have a photo of that step)


Trash to Treasure: Hand Painted Signs


Next I “colored” over the outline of the letters on the backside with a pencil.  To transfer the letters to the board, I started with the letter C, making sure it was placed in the center of the shelf board.

I centered the C and traced around the outline on the front side with a pen.  This left a pencil outline of the letter on the board, like so.  Repeat for each letter, spacing them out from the center C.


Trash to Treasure: Hand Painted Signs


Then I used DecoArt Lamp Black craft paint (my favorite) and a small craft brush (these are awesome) to fill in the letters.

After the paint was dry, I distressed with a piece of sand paper to get the vintage look I was after.

Done!  I’m loving this sign above our kitchen cabinets.


Trash to Treasure: Hand Painted Signs


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You’ll also love our scrap wood word wall in our dining room.

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9 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure: Hand Painted Signs

    1. Thanks Joni!! You should win MVR (Most Valuable Reader) award for sticking with me for so long!! Have a great weekend!

  1. I priced a replica BAKERY sign that I’ve seen in a few houses. They want nearly $100. Too steep for me. My last name is Baker and when I subbed a few kindergarten kids with short memories called me Mrs. Bakery. I think this tutorial will help me bring my vision to life on a substitute salary. Now to find some time..

    1. Oh Susan, I love that story! You MUST have a BAKERY sign! :) Now is where I wish I could just make everyone a sign… :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Love your sign. I tend to use stencils but I can’t find the style I like or the size. I love the one’s you used. Can you tell me where I can find them to print?

  3. Love your Grocery sign! Lately I’ve been on a kick of painting farmhouse style signs. Less expensive then buying and fun to make. I usually stencil the letters but there’s times I don’t have the right size. So next time I will have to do my lettering this way. I’m sure it’s a lot easier to get them centered as well. My stenciling always is a little off, even when I measure. Especially when I forget a letter and have to add it to the end. Like Egg to Eggs, LOL.
    Linda at Mixed Kreations recently posted…How to Make a Spring Garden CenterpieceMy Profile

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