Unique Devotions For Women: Five Tips For Busy Moms

Hello sweet friends!  One of the things I’ve struggled with as a Christian mom with active kids (don’t let anyone tell you they get easier as they grow, it’s a LIE… ;)), is making time for Bible reading, prayer, and focused devotions for women in my busy schedule.  This year, as I’ve worked on an attitude of stewardship,   I’ve found a few ways to keep my faith in the forefront of my mind; at home and at work.  Would you like to hear a few of them?

How about FIVE?


Having a hard time finding room in your busy schedule for faith, devotions, and prayer? Looking for devotions for women that fit in to your busy day? Check out these five tips for busy moms.

Devotions For Women:  Five Tips For Busy Moms

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  1.  I find that specific devotions for women are especially meaningful to me.  I learn from other Christian women how to apply scripture to my life today.  I use the book Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, and the First 5 app.    I’ve mentioned these before, but they are worth talking about over and over.  :)  Read more about First 5 here.  Both of these options are short yet meaningful, and are the perfect way to give God the first few minutes (or the last few, after the kids are in bed, if that works better for you!) of my day.  I read both while eating my breakfast, but they are easily portable (Jesus Calling comes in a Kindle version!) and can be completed while feeding a baby, or sitting in the school drop off line.



2. Music.  If you love music the way I love music, then you know that singing  can be a form of prayer and worship.  I listen to my local Christian radio station all. day. long.  In the car I can belt out my favorite songs, and prepare for whatever waits at my destination.  At home, chores turn in to church;  I’ve even been known to stop in the middle of cleaning and sing my heart out with a mop handle microphone.  Just a word of caution;  teenagers think this is REALLY WEIRD.


devotions for women


3.  Scripture cards.  I love to print out special Bible verses and keep them in conspicuous places.  Like the bathroom mirror.  Or the dashboard in my car.  On the window above the kitchen sink.  Taped over the credit card slot in my wallet.  (that’s an especially useful one.  stewardship, anyone?)  On my new chicken wire frame memo board.   Nothing brings faith in to focus like a well placed verse.  You are welcome to click on this image, save it and print for your own use!


devotions for women: 5 tips for busy moms


4.  Pray without ceasing.  Ask our heavenly Father for his Holy Spirit’s guidance any time and all the time.  As an ER nurse, I say a short prayer before I enter every patient’s room.  For me, for the patient, and for the physician.   Wear a rubber band on your wrist as a reminder until frequent prayer becomes a habit.


devotions for women: tips for busy moms

Devotions for Women:  Tip Number 5 Contains a Giveaway!


5.  AND speaking of wearable reminders, Christian jewelry is a beautiful way to wear your faith “on your sleeve” and be reminded of God’s promises throughout your day.  I might even have a suggestion for jewelry that you will love.  :)  Our family’s business, Perspective 27 Inc., is passionate about spreading peace and eternal perspective to all who are struggling through trials, bearing crosses, and sometimes losing sight of God’s promises.  We offer a peace arrow necklace and ring, designed by my sweet engineer, and cast in sterling silver.  The ring is offered in a slightly distressed finish to bring out the details.


Devotions for Women: Perspective 27 Peace Arrow Jewelry, Christian Jewelry


The first diamond represents our birth, and the second the death of our body.  The crooked line in between represents LIFE, with its ups and downs, twists and turns, and crooked paths.  The straight section is full of faith and the arrow the fulfillment of God’s promises in heaven.

A recent customer left us this review, and we couldn’t have said it better!

” It is so beautiful and though it may look tiny-it is not!!! The SS chain was also quite substantial. This will be an excellent gift whether it be graduation, religious celebrations or just because.”


We would love to give one reader the peace arrow of your choice.  To enter, just leave a comment on this post, and tell me one way that your keep your faith in focus during your day.


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Thank you so much!!



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23 thoughts on “Unique Devotions For Women: Five Tips For Busy Moms

  1. I’ve attended several Christian weekends for women and on one weekend, each woman was given a small cut-out wooden heart with the word “Jesus” in the center. I’ve carried that heart with me since then every single day. Some days I take it from my purse and put it in my pocket so I can hold it when I feel the need of Jesus’ strength and comfort. It’s just simple and a small reminder to me that He is always with me and can handle any problem I have.

    1. Kathy, I LOVE that idea. When we lived in KY, the priest at our church handed out rustic nails on Ash Wednesday for us to carry in our pockets during Lent to remind us of the pain and sacrifice that Jesus suffered for us. It was very effective, feeling that nail poke you every so often. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Mary! Being outside in nature sure fosters gratitude for all of God’s creation, doesn’t it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Singing is especially interesting when I wear headphones so that the music won’t disturb my husband who works at home….but then I belt it out singing anyway!

  3. I have always used prayer to keep myself focused on God, but recently within the prayers I have tried to be more mindful of being thankful for those things that He has given me. I think we sometimes get caught up in our own lives and forget to thank him daily for everything we have because without Him we would not be so lucky! So thankfulness has been my new focus!
    Beth Ingle recently posted…First steps toward changeMy Profile

    1. Thank you Beth, that is a great point. My prayers tend to get pretty “needy” sometimes; I need to remember to be thankful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My daughter is military, and I pray constantly for the our country and those who fight for our freedom. While she is gone I send her daily devotionals and verses that she shares with fellow soldiers.

    1. Nancy, that is such an awesome idea! Please give your daughter our thanks for her service and ask her to pass on our gratitude to her fellow soldiers!

  5. It’s sometimes hard, but I try to keep an “attitude of gratitude” as I go through my day. I’d like to think those moments throughout my day that I’m “talking to myself in my head, I’m really talking to God. These are great tips for focusing our prayer efforts better rather than just kind if doing it on the fly the way I do. :)

  6. Christian music is my thing!! There are certain songs that have carried me through some of my darkest hours-and it’s oftentimes the perfect, gentle reminder to refocus. Lift my eyes. And look up-to The One Who loves me more than I can even fathom. Your jewelry is gorgeous (how did I miss that you have jewelry?) (oh-and I love the First 5 app, too)

  7. When someone crosses my mind, especially if I see on Facebook they are having a difficult day or going through a difficult time, I say a quick prayer for them. This helps me to believe that I have done something for them, even if they never know it.

    1. Love that idea Carolyn!! I have long struggled with feeling that my prayers need to be long and eloquent, but I’m learning that keeping an on-going conversation going with short prayers is just as meaningful. I also like praying The Lord’s Prayer too. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!!

  8. Thanks for sharing, these are great ideas. Making a choice to stop and read the bible and pray before doing other things is something I’d like to work on to be more consistent. I always find that I love starting my day that way, it is a great refresher.
    Elissa recently posted…How to build a soupMy Profile

    1. Thank you Elissa! Making my Bible study and prayer the first thing I do each morning has been a life changer for me. :) I keep my devotional book and Bible on a tray right in the middle of the kitchen table so I never forget! :) Have a great weekend!!

  9. Each day is different and some days I just sit, listen and pray I hear something from the Good Lord. He often tells me to make a quick call to check on someone, or write a note to let someone know they are being thought of, and to include others in my prayers. After all, it isn’t about me! All of these things help me to be a better person and I hope a better wife, mother, family member, and friend.

    1. Beautiful advice, Lynda, thank you for sharing! I often find it hard to sit and listen, but I keep trying! :) Enjoy your Sunday!

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