Back To School Supplies For Girls

Hey friends!  When I was a kid, school supply shopping was my FAVORITE.  I still get giddy over a brand new notebook, and love the smell of pencils.  But now I actually have to pay for the back to school supplies, so that’s just not as fun.  ;)

Thank goodness my 17 year old daughter inherited my love for school supplies.  And my love of shopping.  And my Type A perfectionism…


back to school supplies for girly girls

I asked her to do a little online “window” shopping and find some fun girly back to school supplies to share.  These are Type A teenager approved.  I’ve added her “play by play” commentary below.   It was just. too. funny. not to share.   Don’t worry, I paid her with ice cream.  ;)

Back to School Supplies For Girly Girls

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Back to school supplies for teenage girls



  1.  Emoticon Drawstring Back Pack (“OMG, these are SO accurate!”)
  2. Nail Polish Flash Drive (“So cute, I have to have this!”)
  3. Pencil Case (“This is SO much better than the pencil cases I’ve seen, I’m totally sure it’s worth the money!”)
  4. Dayspring Sadie Robertson’s Fashion File Folders (“Mom, you LOVE Duck Dynasty!”  what??)
  5. Bic Extra Sparkle Pencils (“If only the pencil lead was glittery too…”)
  6. Glitter Binder (“This bind matches the file folders, and the pencils, it’s perfect!”)


Which one is your favorite?  I kind of love those file folders, and a pencil case would be handy…

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