Bible Study Tools: Favorite Verses

Hey friends!  Happy Friday!  Last week when we talked about five ways to keep your faith in the forefront, one of the tips I shared was one of my favorite Bible study tools:  printed scripture cards displayed in places that we frequent, like kitchens, bathroom, and wallets.  ;)

Well, that tip was easily the most popular; I think I might have even agreed to get Philippians 4:6-7 tattooed on my forearm.


Bible study tools:  favorite scriptures

Bible Study Tools:  Favorite Verses


Gosh, us girls get kinda crazy when we’re together, don’t we?  Don’t worry, I wised up and remembered that the only thing that makes sense to tattoo on this ghostly white flabby body is some washboard abs and a tan.  I decided to share four of my favorite verses with you today instead.   Dodged a bullet there.


Bible Study Tools:  Favorite verse scripture cards


I chose verses that I find encouraging.


Bible Study Tools:  Scripture Cards


Ones that remind me that God is God, and I am not.


Bible Study Tools, Favorite Verses


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