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Hey sweet friends!  I love love love having lots of teenagers at my house.  Like, really.  They may be messier than adults, and louder than adults (depends on the adults…) and hungrier than adults; but they are also more fun than adults.  (also depends on the adults.  ;))   What does this have to do with door decorations?  Let me tell you…the kids in this town KNOW our home by the great big B on the door.


Door Decorations for Summer

(I hate taking front door photos!)

Every “where do they live?” question is answered around here the same way:  “Turn on “such and such” street and it’s the house with the B.”  Not a single kid could tell you our house number.  One time I hung a wreath, and chaos ensued.  Seriously.

Once they pass by the monogram, we welcome them and send them off to the teenage hang out space we created above our garage.  ;)  I highly recommend a separate teenage hangout space.  Just sayin’.  You can check out how it was decorated for Christmas here, and an updated tour is coming soon.

Door Decorations For Late Summer


Like any decor obsessed blogger, I love to switch up our door decorations for the seasons.  I have several B’s, painted in different colors.  I even wrapped one in fabric for summer.  For the month of August, I wanted a softer color and sunflowers.  I painted my newest B with Amy Howard’s One Step Paint in Vintage Affliction.  This is the same color I used on the table tops in our master bedroom.


door decorations with Amy Howard One Step Paint


I used a pair of scissors to cut open the top of the B (they are paper mache and mostly hollow inside) and added a sunflower and some succulents.


front door decor with sunflowers


I used a burlap ribbon to attach it to the front door, as you saw above, but this photo was taken in our dining room where the light is better.  :)  #bloggerprobs


door decorations monogram


For fall, I’ll switch out the succulents and sunflower for leaves and berries.  I’m thinking I’ll keep the blue until December, when the “Christmas B” comes out.

What “think outside of the wreath door decorations” have you tried?  And more importantly, how do YOU feel about teenagers?  

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