Faux Succulent Planter: A Trash to Treasure Transformation

Hey lovelies!  It’s Tuesday and time for a trash to treasure transformation.  One of the design rules that I actually like is the one that says that every space needs a plant to bring it to life.  I love plants.  Thank goodness there doesn’t seem to be a follow up rule that says the plants have to be real.  Because, although I’m pretty handy at saving people, I am like the grim reaper to plants.  Just sayin’.  In my role as farmhouse style super fan, I have admired many a beautiful succulent wall planter on the internets, but I knew deep down inside that if I wanted a succulent planter if would have to be of the FAUX variety.

And believe it or not, this 1970’s wall mounted mail sorter is going to make my dreams come true.


Faux Succulent Wall Planter before


Let’s get crackin’, shall we?


Faux Succulent Planter

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I started by cleaning the thrifted mail sorter with a rag dipped in dish water.   Next I created a galvanized metal type finish on the wood with paint.   Check out my faux galvanized metal wreath post for the tutorial.


Create a faux succulent planter out of a mail sorter


I attached the sheet moss to the fronts of the bins with craft glue after cutting them to size.  Apply the glue to the wood and apply the moss with slight pressure.


Faux succulent planter tutorial


And in went the faux succulents.  I just stuck them in, so I could actually switch them out if I wanted.


Faux Succulent Planter on Reinvented


But I love this thing so much I can’t imagine ever doing that!


Faux Succulent Planter


If you’re a plant killer like me, give this project a try and you too can have a touch of green without guilt!

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