Life Lately And The Belong Tour

Hey friends!  How’s your August?  Mine is flying by, and I suspect we have that in common.  I can still remember the days when I wished for time to pass quickly; longing for the next thing.  Now I want desperately to hold on to this thing.  This season, this stage of parenting, this happiness.  The Belong Tour.  Oh my.


Life...Lately from Reinvented

Are you ready to hear about Life Lately and The Belong Tour?


Last Monday I posted about surviving the college search  with this girl.




Next up, band uniforms.  As one of our high school marching band’s uniform moms, I spent time sorting and pressing uniforms, then had fun dressing the kids for their football program photos.

We have a Senior flute player and a Freshman Baritone this year.


band photo for blog


The first day of school was on Thursday; the first day of high school for one, and the last first day of school for the other.  Why must they torture me like this?




The Belong Tour


Friday came The Belong Tour.  Oh my goodness, friends, it was AMAZING.  I was already a HUGE fan of Jen Hatmaker, but these other ladies captured my heart instantly.





Patsy and Jen are so real and so hilarious; Shauna so honest and sweet.  I was familiar with Nichole’s music, but hearing her perform live was breathtaking.  She sang her beautiful song “Slow Down” (about kids growing up too fast) and I might have “ugly cried.”  Angela is so inspiring, I wanted to follow her home, and Sharon is adorable; packing a powerhouse voice in that tiny body.

I could go on forever, but let me just say this:  IF YOU CAN GET A TICKET FOR A BELONG TOUR NEAR YOU, DO IT.  I promise you won’t regret it.

A few nuggets that stuck with me:

“Do It Scared.”  –Sharon Irving

“Fear is not your boss.”  –Jen Hatmaker

“You are not your ashes, you are the flame” –Nichole Nordeman

“Don’t be the next anybody.  Be deeply, weirdly, completely, totally you.” –Shauna Niequist

AND… Johnnyswim.  Holy cow.  Have you heard of Johnnyswim?  Amanda Grace and Abner Ramirez are a husband and wife musical duo that are simply jaw droppingly talented.  I am completely obsessed.  Go listen to the song “Diamonds” on Youtube.  Then find  “Home”, a beauty you’ll recognize from HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

After I finished day two of the Belong Tour, we moved this guy and his DIY coffee table in to his first apartment.


Jake and Percy


Pure heart wrenching torture.  Let me just tell you, the first apartment is never good enough for mom.  Ahem.

So that’s what I’ve been doing!  ;)  Good grief…

What’s up with you??



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  1. Goodness gracious, what a busy and emotional week Kimm. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could bottle all these special moments and keep the safe forever. Sending you lots of love as always

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