How To Paint Your Own Barnwood Sign For Fall

Hey friends, happy Monday!  A few weeks ago, my first contributor post on Sweet Tea and Saving Grace was published, and today I get to share my how to paint your own barnwood sign post here on Reinvented!

You all know how much I love barnwood signs.  I can’t afford the cool versions I find for sale, but I can make my own, and you can too.  All you need is a piece of wood and a printer and some paint.  If you don’t have authentic barnwood, use any piece of scrap wood.



I’ve shared my hand lettering process before, but this tutorial has a few fun twists, so I’ve created a slideshow of my steps.  I hope you enjoy it!

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12 thoughts on “How To Paint Your Own Barnwood Sign For Fall

  1. Cutting the board after you do the letters is such a great hint Kim. I am currently working on a large word sign and it is centered on both ends, from the tails of the letters but it does not look right.

    Cutting after instead of before you do the lettering is a great solution. I shall remember it.

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