Modern Farmhouse DIY Wall Art

Hey friends!  Happy Monday!  What did you do over the weekend?  The engineer and I collaborated on a DIY wall art project, and I am so excited to share our results with you!




For a long time, we’ve had framed photos of our kids hanging above our couch in the family room.  While I love my children, and I love photos, I was ready for something different.  Choosing art is VERY difficult for me, because I don’t like most of it.  ;)  I prefer graphic patterns and typography over landscapes and still-lifes.

Farmhouse Style DIY Wall Art 

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We had plenty of barnwood taking up space in the garage, so I started with that.   Our barnwood was pretty “weathered”, so we flipped it over and used the smooth-ish side.  I assume that this side was on the inside of the barn?




The engineer lined up three pieces, trimmed them to four feet long, and attached them to each other with a couple scrap pieces of 1×2’s.  A couple of hanger thingies were attached to the 1×2’s.  He loves it when I talk like that.  ;)




I painted the wood with paint leftover from our faux shiplap wall, Polar Bear by Behr. After that dried, I used the Kerala Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils  and a small sponge roller to add some of my favorite charcoal gray (Cracked Pepper by Behr).

Click NEXT to see the AFTER!  :)

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43 thoughts on “Modern Farmhouse DIY Wall Art

  1. I’ve been thinking of making something with wood I found, but had no idea how to connect the pieces. Thank you!

  2. Kimm, this is gorgeous!!! That pattern is amazing, and I love the grey-ish/white combo! I am with you – I have such a hard time choosing art, and I tend more towards abstract things, geometric patterns and typography.

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