A Painted Barnwood Sign and Good News

Hey friends!!  Happy Friday to you!  We have a crazy busy weekend (a quick trip to Nashville for a family wedding, a marching band festival, and a Confirmation retreat), but before that gets started, I am crazy excited to share a painted barnwood sign (you’re not sick of those yet, are you?) and some good news!

Here’s a sneak peak…

painted barnwood sign

A Painted Barnwood Sign and Some Good News

To see the rest of my painted barnwood sign for Fall, please please please check out my first contributor post over at Sweet Tea and Saving Grace!  The entire tutorial is there, including a newly discovered (for me at least ;)) way to add some dimension to your painted letters!



I could not be more thrilled to be a member of the Sweet TeaM.  Kirsten is one of my favorite people (despite that whole Michigan fan thing…) and working with her is a blast. My Sweet TeaM posts will go live about this same day each month and I’ll announce them here, so keep your eyes open and your share fingers ready!

Thank you so much my loves.  Now go have a fabulous weekend!!

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